Weekend in Pictures

Happy Tuesday!! We had a bit of an extended weekend around here. Chloe took her turn spending the night with my mom and dad Sunday night into Monday. The past few months, she has ended up very upset at bedtime and has to call me to calm down. My mom let her invite Addi to come also, so they had time with Mimi and I had time with just Harper. It was a wonderful weekend; the first that Scott has had off in quite a while.

Friday evenings, we always make or order pizza and then watch a movie. We will obviously have Christmas movies on repeat around here.


On Saturday, we had a full day. We went to the Christmas parade in town. My nephews were on the wrestling float and so stinking cute.


Harper was holding her bag out before the parade even started. Girlfriend really wanted some candy. Chloe was the best big sister and gathred all the candy and filled Harper’s bag with candy she could have (dairy allergy). Cousin Eddie in the parade made my whole day.

The girls had their rehearsal for the Christmas program in the afternoon. After that, we went to Scott’s family Christmas/Thanksgiving party. I stayed up later to putย  up some more decorations around the house. My bed was calling to me, and I was very thrilled to crawl under the warm covers and watch a Christmas movie.


Harper was so tired she fell asleep on the way to church.


Chloe and Addi had the church program Sunday night. Chloe had a line, and had been nervous for WEEKS leading up to it. She did such a great job and remembered all of her words. The girls sang their hearts out and I am so proud! This moment that I took a screenshot of may be my very favorite.


The girls spent the night with Mimi and Papa. Mom had a full day planned with them on Monday. She sent me these pictures and my heart melted.

She taught them to sew with the sewing machine and made a gingerbread house. They went to the park and store and had so much fun. The girls couldn’t wait to show me their pillows and sleeping bags that they made for their Wellie Wisher dolls.ย  (Chloe’s / Addi’s)


I basically snuggled with this peanut all day. It was a really perfect Monday!

We are back to the grind and dragging today, but our hearts all feel very full after a fun weekend full of family and fun activities.

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