Just Be

This was my day yesterday. I said that i was the day we were getting back into the grind after a long weekend. Nope. We got a slow start because the big girls slept in.. especially Chloe. They had a big day Monday, so I wasn’t surprised.When your child doesn’t wake up until 8, you get a much later start to the day.

We ate breakfast and were going to get started with school. I could see that one of the girls was really struggling. Addi had a REALLY rough day yesterday. Sometimes the enormity of what has been lost hits at very random times. I could see that we needed to slow down and just be. We snuggled on the couch all day watching Christmas movies and reading books. It felt really good.

Sometimes I think we need to pay closer attention. We are in tune with ourselves and realize when WE need a break. But, do we pay attention to our kids. They are little humans who are trying to figure out how to be people. They are figuring out how to deal with emotions and life. Sometimes we don’t show them any grace and we ignore the signs that they really need a little extra from us. Slow down, mamas. Pay attention and take a day to just be with your kids.

I am thankful that my husband works so hard so that I can stay at home and raise our daughters. I feel like I’m losing my mind a lot of every day. All stay-at-home moms do. But, I am grateful. Really really grateful. I haven’t missed a moment; good or bad.

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