End of the Week Slump

Happy Friday!! How was your week? It’s been rough over here this week.

I have been battling one of my children all week about finishing school work. She has been finishing at dinner time.. seriously.. dinner.. hours after other kids are home from school she is still stubbornly fighting me.  Its no different than the parents whose kids battle them over doing homework. It’s just a struggle.

Yesterday was the first day she finished before dinner. I went to the post office to take care of an errand and then to steak and shake because.. well, HOLIDAY SHAKES. Apparently I shouldn’t have gone for the shakes because on my way home the van dinged at me about tire pressure.

No big deal, it does that sometimes with our front left tire. It says it’s a little lower than the others and then it adjusts and is fine. Our van has this cool feature where you can see the tire pressure in each tire. I kept driving and it dropped from 28 to 24. Hmm. Stop at a stop sign and it drops to 18. Shoot. Turn the corner and it’s 16. I roll the window down and hear air blowing. I get out and look and there is hole in the SIDE of the tire. A perfect circle. What on earth. I’m not THAT far from home.. maybe I can make it. Suddenly it drops to something like 9 PSI and I pull into a parking lot. I call Scott with no answer. My brother-in-law with no answer. My dad.. no answer. My mom..maybe she is with dad. No answer. COME ON, FAMILY!


I walked home…leaving my milkshakes in the car because it was cold. I really wasn’t that far, but it was below freezing out and I was cold and incredibly frustrated. Christmas is soon and we still have one big gift to get. We were finally getting back on track after a difficult year and our stupid tire goes flat.

Scott walked to the van and put the spare on…and it was flat..  My dad showed up just in time to take Scott to get air in it. It all got taken care of and we have a brand new tire now. I’m still frustrated.. but I’m trying to focus on being thankful that I wasn’t any farther from home and that Dad was able to take Scott to get air in the spare.

I know that a flat tire isn’t that big of a deal. It could be so much worse. But, it’s been one of those years (the last few years have been) where every little thing goes wrong along with really major things happening. Everything just feels so unstable. I long for a little stability.

2018 will be better, right? I say that every year.

Moving on…  Look at this!

Gah. My heart. They grow up so fast. These little girls CANNOT wait for Christmas. Holidays get more and more magical every year. I can’t wait for Christmas either. But, wishing time away just makes them grow up faster. We have lots that we want to do before Christmas. I hope to do some holiday baking this weekend! There are so many Christmas cookies that we love to make, and the girls have lots of friends that they can give treats to.

I love this time of year.

I hope that all of your tires stay inflated and your weekend is slow and relaxing!



2 thoughts on “End of the Week Slump”

  1. Suggestion when you get some money: we got one of those air compressors that plug into your cig lighter, and it’s been a God send! Great for when your tire is low or your spare is flat. It was ~$25 on Snagshout.


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