New Year’s Eve Style

I know, I know. It’s not even Christmas yet. But, there is only one week in between Christmas and NYE. You need time to try on your outfit and make sure you love it. So, I’m sharing now. πŸ˜‰

NYE style


rose gold maxi skirt // feather clutch // bodysuit // earrings // hair // shoes

I picked a simple bodysuit to go with this glam maxi skirt and earrings. Really, everything is glamorous. I feel like I need to defend a bodysuit. I was searching for a cami that I could wear that wouldn’t mess up the shirt that it was underneath. I decided to give a bodysuit a try, and my life was changed. They stay put. You don’t have to readjust your tucked in shirt over and over again. It will be so simple and beautiful so that all of these gorgeous accessories and skirt will be the star of the show!

Do you have anywhere to go for NYE? Or, are you a pajamas and stay at home kind of lady? (I’m a homebody.)

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