Making: Elderberry Syrup.. I bought these to use.

Cooking: banana bran muffins. We’ll be making sugar cookies tonight.

Drinking: coffee.. all of the coffee..

Reading: nothing right now..

Wanting: to be able to read. haha!

Looking: at New Years ideas.

Playing: We are obsessed with playing dominoes right now.

Eating: The leftovers from dinner last night. I finally made Bridget’s Chicken Divan, and it was delicious.

Wishing: that it would snow for Christmas..

Enjoying: Baking.. I have baked so many goodies over the past few weeks

Loving: Laying in bed with the light from our bedroom Christmas tree illuminating the room. It’s magical.

Needing: a good nap..

Hoping: that we will have a few more nice days to go for a walk.. I’ve enjoyed taking advantage of the 50 degree days whenever they come.

Smelling: My coffee… seriously.. I need a caffeine IV today..

Feeling: a bit off today.. I feel like sadness is hanging over like a cloud today

Wearing: The most cozy sweatshirt (and pants, obviously)

Noticing: that this year has flown by at lightning speed. My head is still spinning from all that has transpired

Bookmarking: All of the cleaning checklists… I need something to help me get my house in order.

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