Planner Talk


Does anyone else love getting a new calendar? I love planning and organizing. The thrill of buying a new day planner… I can’t even find the words. Last year, I purchased this planner that goes through the end of the year. I am kicking myself, because I’m really not a fan of it. It is 100% possible that I am just too high maintenance in this area. I’m very picky about my planners..

I really want this one or this one. I purchased one from Target a few years ago, and I really loved it. I didn’t need the hourly planning as much when the girls were toddlers, so I didn’t want to spend the money on it again. WHY? Why, Ashley? Hourly planning is so necessary at this point. To plan our homeschool day by the hour would be fantastic and alleviate a lot of stress for me. I know it seems silly to spend money on a planner, but it truly helps me stress much less, and sleep better. To me, it is worth spending some money in exchange for the benefits.

I’ve thought about bullet journaling.. a lot… but I already feel a bit like I’m drowning in all that I have on my plate. I’m afraid it would not go well for me right now. I would have ugly pages and wasted markers. haha! I am a pen and paper kind of girl, so using my phone is not at all an option. (See, highย  maintenance.) I’d really like something that has a hard cover so that I can put it in my bag without getting bent out of shape.

I guess the point of this nonsensical post is to ask- what is your favorite planner? Give me all of your recommendations, pretty please!


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