10 Books I’ll Read in 2018

10 Books in 2018



1. The Magnolia Story  (I am currently reading this. It’s incredible and I already feel SO inspired.)

2. Movers, Shakers, Mommies, and Makers

3. No More Faking Fine

4. Longing for Paris

5/6/7 The Hunger Games series

8. Love the Home You Have

9. Uninvited

10. Present Over Perfect


There’s quite a variety in genre of the books on my list. I like a lot of things; personal development is usually my favorite. I have neglected to make the time to read, which is a shame because I LOVE to read. Ten book is quite the feat for me to achieve. If I can tackle this list early, I have a few others that I’d like to read, so I’ll add them below.

11. The Year of Living Danishly

12. The Magic of Motherhood

13. Chasing Slow

14. Girl Wash Your Face

15. A Simplified Life



I am also wanting to know if any of you have the She Reads Truth Bible. What do you think of it, if so? I am wanting a good study Bible for myself. I have a homeschool moms Bible, but I am more than a homeschool mom, right? I’ll happily accept any suggestions.



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