Happy Monday!

We had a pretty calm weekend over here today. Scott worked on Saturday, so the girls and I just hung out around the house. They played games, and I went into our bedroom to clean and move our dressers around. I hung up a shelf for most of my oils (they don’t all fit). It’s really fun to see the rainbow of color on the wall. Our bedroom is mostly all earthy tones. It’s so relaxing and I love it.



Just so you can see the fruit of my labor:

Yes, we have mistletoe hanging from the fan above our feet. HA! It makes us laugh.

Sunday, Scott did the preaching at church and taught Sunday School for our youth pastor. There have been family emergencies and flu bugs going around with MANY people in our church family. Once we got home and ate lunch, I started diffusing thieves in all of the rooms. Immune support is incredibly needed right now.Β  Then, we all planted ourselves on the couch and stayed there all day- reading, watching movies, and just being together.


I’m so very thankful for this family of mine.



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