Book Review- Movers Shakers Mommies and Makers

I set a goal of reading 10 books in 2018. I have allowed reading to get shoved off of the table of my life, which is so unfortunate. I have always loved to read, so I set a small goal for this year. One day I will be like Janssen, and set a goal to read 100 books a year. This is not that year!

I shared some of my thoughts on my first book, The Magnolia Story, over here.  My second book for 2018 was Movers Shakers Mommies and Makers. (It is less than $5 right now, and there is only one copy left!) I started off the year with a couple of really inspiring books that have given me the motivation and inspiration to dream big dreams.

This book shares the stories of several women who dreamed a big dream, took a leap of faith, and have succeeded greatly. Many of them are husband/wife teams, or best friend teams. This isn’t a sugar coated story book. These women took big risks. They had struggles and setbacks along the way. They lost sleep and money. But, they overcame and are thriving.

I found it really inspiring to see where many of these small companies came from. Many of these companies are brands that I have used and LOVE (Hello, Tubby Todd!), so it is especially exciting to see their humble beginnings.

So often, we limit ourselves. We think that we could never achieve the things that we dream of doing. While reading these stories, I thought, “What if they had never tried?” If Andrea and Todd had never set out to make awesome bath products for babies, I’d still be struggling to find something that worked for my daughters’ eczema. If Elle had never sewn her soft and cozy wraps, many mamas may not be baby wearing today. So many of these stories involve products that make a parents life easier and more enjoyable.

I highly recommend this book if you are wanting to start a small business of your own. I also recommend it if you have any kind of dream that you are doubting yourself with. This is a fun and easy read that will leave you inspired to do something that you are afraid to try!

I encourage you to find a copy of this book and read it!



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