My Kids Won’t Sleep and Other Things

Happy Wednesday.

I think it’s Wednesday. The big girls have stayed up until at least ten playing and fighting. Harper has been waking up ridiculously early thinking its morning. Today, it was 1:30 AM. I have to go in and turn her light off, put her to bed, and lay on the floor next to her bed while she flops around for hours. I crawled back in my bed at 5:30.

I am so desperate for sleep. I feel completely miserable from exhaustion. Insomnia has reared its ugly head for me again. I will happily accept any tips for getting my kids to sleep. I can’t keep laying on a floor for hours. (If you think they MUST sleep in after all of that, NOPE.)

We went to the library on Monday. It had been a while, but it was fun. Our librarians are so nice and never kick us out with all of our chaos. I asked one of them if we were the only ones this crazy when we come in. I quickly said “and please lie to me and say yes!” Thankfully the girls are cute, so they can get away with more. Harper was putting the books she picked out in the return bin and then hollering because she couldn’t reach to get them back. Gracious..

I honestly feel like I am losing my mind. I’m in such a state of delirium. I haven’t read much because my eyes can’t focus very well. I’m trying to overcome the terrible mood that a lack of sleep for days upon days causes.

Pity party here.

On another note, We are planning to do a spending freeze for the month of February. We have never done one, but I think it’s needed. I am planning ahead so we don’t run out of toilet paper or anything. Or worse, coffee.

I’ll try to take notes and write about our experience and any tips I find helpful. I think the biggest tip is going to be to tell your family and friends not to invite you to anything. Ha!

We have said that if a sickness pops up and we need to stick up on popsicles and soup, then we will make an exception.

Have any of you done a spending freeze? Do you have any tips going into it? Do you have any tips for getting my kids to sleeeep?!



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