Weekend Dates with a Toddler

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all healthy in your homes! We thankfully were able to stop the stomach flu in its tracks, so no one else got it. Addi got sick Saturday morning, but we are 99.9% sure it was a fluke or something she ate. I kept her home Sunday just in case, but she never once acted sick.

Over the weekend, my mother-in-law (Mimi) had the girls over for a slumber party. She invited all three to come, but I know how much the big girls look forward to some time with all of the attention and no “baby” sister around. Harper is also a huge mama’s girl, so Scott and I worried how she would do, so we decided we’d keep her with us this time. She ended up saying she didn’t want to go home with us, so maybe next time we will give it a try. I told her we would make cupcakes in the morning, and she happily went along with us.


She woke up the next morning and got to play with water beads. These are an awesome sensory activity, but also incredibly messy. I suggest doing this on days when you have a lot of patience. (I wonder if these would be better or worse..)

I let her pick out if she wanted to make cupcakes or muffins. Surprisingly, she picked muffins! They had to be pink and green though, or she was not going to be happy.


I could just eat her up. The other girls felt like tiny terrorists at the age of 3. Maybe it’s just because their big girl problems make her seem angelic… I don’t know. She has been so much fun at three.


Gah. Her tippy toes. She was so independent. I was actually worried that there may have been egg shells in the batter. She squeezed the egg right as I cracked it into the bowl. HA! She kept saying, “Mommy, me do it?” “Mommy, me try?” I kept letting her help. One of the times I answered yes, she stuffed the spatula in her mouth. I thought she wanted to try scraping the sides of the bowl. Turns out, she wanted to sample the batter. Cool. Nothing a quick spatula change can’t fix.

She picked out lunch (chicken nuggets) and didn’t eat it because she was still recovering from the stomach bug she had early in the week. It was still fun to see what she chose when allowed. We went to get the big girls after lunch, so our time came to an end. We were excited to pick up our big girls and hang out with Mimi some more.

I am going to be sad when she starts going to these slumber parties because I will miss the alone time with her. I feel like I miss out on it a lot with her. Her big sisters have my attention through a good portion of the day with homeschooling. She does lots of fun activities with us, too, but a lot of attention is off of her.

Do you do special one-on-one dates with your kids? How often do you do them? I’m curious for some more ideas!


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