Spending Freeze- Week 2


Scott brought me a cherry coke. I don’t feel one ounce of regret for that. Sipping cherry coke is something that settles my stomach when I feel nauseous. I think it was just a lot of stress, but last week I didn’t feel great. I was hardly eating and feeling blah. I was so thankful when Scott walked in with a cherry coke one day.

Week two has been a little tricky, and we haven’t fully succeeded. I have a couple of gift cards from a rebate that I had set aside for this month. Over the weekend, we had a winter storm. Nothing major, but enough to keep us inside. I put the gift card on my amazon account, and we rented My Little Pony: The Movie. It ended up not charging the gift card. Womp. The girls were entertained and quiet for a couple of hours, which was SO welcomed. I did use the gift card to buy some batteries for our smoke detectors since one needs replaced. (Gift cards are totally allowed during a spending freeze as long as you don’t go above them.)

I also went to Kroger to pick up some freebies. (If you don’t have the Kroger app, you are missing out!) Evidently I didn’t pick the right things on all of them, so I had to pay a little bit. Again, nothing major, but still frustrating. I could have told them I didn’t want them, but it was all things that we would use. (A sports drink will be awesome if someone gets a stomach bug..or I start running again.) Plus, I’d feel like a jerk telling them I made a mistake, so they have to go put all of my junk back. My fault.

Last night was the bigger fail. The meat for dinner was completely frozen when I went to cook it for tacos. I don’t like microwaving ground turkey because it turns rubbery and NASTY, so I was trying to think of something that I could make easily. Fast food sounded really good to Scott. He hasn’t been feeling super awesome, so if something sounded good to him, I told him to go for it. It was kind of nice to have a treat and not have to clean up dishes after dinner. A loss for the freeze, but win for me. haha!

Week two wasn’t totally successful, but we have still saved so much more than we typically do. We’ve put more into savings. We have something there if an emergency comes up, which helps us breathe easier. So, I call that a win, even with the shortcomings. The nice thing is, there are no spending police that are going to come out and smack or knuckles with a ruler if we make a mistake. But, it has made us so much more mindful.

We are halfway there. Let’s see if we can be more successful in week three!


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