Homeopathic Cold Care

cold care

Scott and I have been down with colds.. really it feels more like a sinus infection. Whatever it is, it’s not fun. I am super grateful that we haven’t had the flu or strep throat. I thought I would share what we are using to help us feel better, along with some of the things that we will use if the girls catch it.

For us

1. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops- I have found these to be the best cough drop. They aren’t medicinal tasting, which is really nice. They are made from honey, and each flavor has additional ingredients that are always great when you are sick. (ginger, eucalyptus, or lemon)  I know the price is high for these compared to brands like Halls, but you aren’t having to pop one after another, so I feel like it evens out.

2. SinuCare– This is really great for when you are majorly stuffed up. Fair warning, you will taste this throughout the day. It’s strong, but super effective!

3. Sovereign Silver- Some people use this as a natural antibiotic. I’m a new user, so I can’t speak on how effective it is in that regard. You can take a teaspoon per day to help boost immunity. Mine is a size that didn’t come with a dropper, so I bought a dropper bottle from Amazon. I put several drops under my tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds, then swallow. It doesn’t have any taste, so you don’t have to worry about that.

4. Zarbees Chest Rub– I rub this on my chest and feet every night. It works so well, and is way better than a petroleum based alternative. The lavender is nice for bedtime as well.

5. All of the oils– We use a roller of 20 drops of thieves and 10 drops of oregano topped off with a carrier oil each day. This helps boost our immune systems. We also diffuse thieves daily. RC is my favorite to diffuse at night because it really helps with a cough. You can also use it as a chest rub. Rosemary and Eucalyptus are also really great for helping support your respiratory system.

6. Zarbees cough syrup– I like Zarbees because its a more affordable natural brand. They also have a night time version if you need a little help getting to sleep.

7. Kombucha- Probiotics are so important. This bubbly probiotic drink is such a good way to get good probiotics. A lot of our overall health stems from the health of our gut. A daily probiotic is also SO important.

For the kids

1. Bioron Chestal honey cough syrup  This comes in a glass bottle, which I think is pretty awesome. I’m not a fan of plastic.

2. Bioron ColdCam   These are teeny tiny tablets that your children chew up like candy. They’ll think they are getting a treat.

3. Balm! Baby Chest Rub This stuff is amazing.  It’s the first chest rub I bought that wasn’t Vicks. I realized that I had been missing out for a long time. It is way more effective, and I love that they have a stick version now! Game changer when you are wrestling a baby or toddler with goop on your hands. Now you can rub it on like chapstick.

I am not a big fan of traditional medicine if it’s not necessary. Reading the side effects always used to make me scratch my head and wonder why it had to be that way. I started reading more about natural remedies, and have found that the natural and homeopathic ways of treating illnesses work so much better. I think most people are afraid to try it. Obviously, do your research and do what you feel comfortable with. If you are like me, and prefer homeopathic medicine, then I hope this list helps you out!

Are there any products that I am missing out on?

4 thoughts on “Homeopathic Cold Care”

  1. Tea!! ThroatCoat is great for sore throats and coughs. Peppermint tea is good for congestion and headaches. I use Melaleuca herbal tea the most which I think has tea tree leaves and cinnamon, but I’m not positive. But drinking tea all day long when sick is great or even a warm cup a day. The kids love it if I put it in a tea cup on a fancy plate. Echinacea+zinc. Plain local honey. Elderberry syrup.


    1. How did I forget tea and elderberry!! My favorite tea is a lemon ginger tea I found at Sprouts last year with local raw honey! I have never tried echinacea or zinc. I’ll have to try those out.


      1. Echinacea you start as soon as you feel a cold coming on. Zinc is in Zicam and also is supposed to be started right at the start of a cold.


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