My Little Bend Giveaway


Hey, hey! I have something super fun for your Monday! I have partnered up with my sister for a giveaway.

Amy writes over at My Little Bend and also has an etsy shop by the same name. She makes really fun leather earrings! Seriously, go check out her shop! Footballs and hearts? Come on!

Hear earrings are SO lightweight. Listen, I don’t wear dangly earrings. I wear tiny little studs because I can’t stand things weighing down my ears. I hate the feeling of something tugging on my earlobe. I used to feel like having my ears pierced was a waste. But, no more! I don’t notice these earrings. They are weightless.


Sorry about that glasses glare. Goodness. These are the first pair that I got from her. This yellow is so versatile that it feels neutral.


And these.. These are in the first picture of this post. They are M-I-N-E and I won’t share. haha!! These are the most neutral and fun, funky earrings. I love the petal shape. I love the color. I love them. I love them. I love them.

One of you will win a pair of your choice from the following:


HA! I wanted to model the other earrings, but then I’d feel super weird giving you a prize that was in my ears. So, flat lay images it is. Seeing these earrings laying flat does not do them justice. They are stunning.

Enter through rafflecopter!! I will be double and triple checking to make sure that you followed the rules!!


Enter Giveaway Here


Good Luck!!!


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