Sunshine and Garden Dreams

It was 60 degrees yesterday and we met up at the park with my sister for lunch. I’m obsessed with this weather. Today, it has cooled off again and is cloudy. BUT, yesterday’s sunshine and warm weather left me feeling pretty uplifted.

Scott worked in the yard yesterday when he got home from work. The people who lived in this house before us had two really big dogs that tore up the yard and fence pretty badly. We rigged it to keep Rocci in, but a lot of spots need repaired. Scott worked on fixing the gate and cleaned up sticks/branches. He was measuring while we talked through and planned out our garden.


Seed Savers Exchange

Almost 10 years of marriage later, and I still love dreaming with him.

Our house is on top of a hill, so finding a flat space in our yard for a garden is tricky. We have two areas that are flat, and both will see quite a bit of shade. Lucky for me, the man who owns the house next door was the horticulture teacher at our high school. I’m hoping to catch him one day and ask his opinion. It’s also super intimidating. What if I fail and everything dies? He will know that I’ve flunked life. (That was always his phrase when teaching.)

I really can’t wait to dig my hands in and get started. My chives from last year have already started growing again. I’ll have to bring them inside so they don’t freeze. We have a while more to wait before starting anything. the last frost of the year is still quite a ways out, and I don’t want everything to die. It gives us some time to figure out some fencing to keep the dog away from the garden.

I have a ton of wild flower seeds to plant, too.

I obviously can’t wait for spring. I’m so excited to fix up the yard and spend more time in the sunshine. I love watching everything come back to life after a long winter. It’s such an exciting time.




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