Five on Friday

1. We did some rearranging in our house. Our bedroom is now in the basement.ย  We moved the homeschool room up into the room that was our bedroom. It is still a work in progress upstairs, but we are loving it. The natural light in the school room is a million times better.
2. Harper really loves taking pictures. Scott had Monday off, thanks to a mix up. We decided to do something “fun” for the kids since we had been gone all weekend. It was also down pouring. We landed on going to Chick Fil A, and then doing grocery shopping at a store that we don’t have in our town. (Chick Fil A isn’t near us either) They loved playing on in the play area. I loved getting to show them a massive produce section and talking about all of the different fruits and vegetables. #Alwayslearning


3. This kid. When her sweet voice says “Say cheese with me, mama?” you can’t resist. Her little grin and sleepy eyes kill me.


4. I gave Harper her first braids. She doesn’t sit still, so they were lopsided. That also means the picture was blurry. But, she looks so cute! I always struggle with her hair because of her glasses. They smoosh almost any hair do that I give her. This one worked out pretty well.


5. Take. Me. Back. The weekend away with Scott was not long enough. haha! It was so nice waking up together and eating meals without having to scream at each other over noise. We weren’t interrupted every 2 seconds. I don’t think I could ever get sick of spending time with this man.




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