Wedding Weekend

Goodness, this was a full weekend. Family and friends filled the weekend, which is glorious. We spent most of Saturday at Scott’s nephew’s wedding. (I think nephew, I honestly cannot keep track! haha!) My incredible mom watched the girls all day so that we could go and enjoy ourselves. I have always had to bring the kids along to weddings. Usually I am keeping the girls occupied solo while Scott officiates the wedding. It was so nice to just go and cry during the sweet parts, eat good food, and dance.

*gasp! A Baptist pastor’s wife was dancing at a wedding*

Look at these wonderful in-laws of mine! I always hear talk of out-laws instead of in-laws. I’m so glad that I never feel that way.


The ladies! This woman raised three boys (a set of twins included) and a husband that was probably more trouble than all three of them combined. She has carried herself with so much grace through all that she has been through. She is incredible, and I’m not sure if I could ever adequately say how much I love her. My new sister-in-law is the best. I am blessed to have so many brothers-in-law that are wonderful, but I was ready for another sister!

This man. I really don’t think I could love him more. I say that, and tomorrow I will love him even more. Life with him just gets better and better. We celebrate 10 years of marriage in June! I’ve been obsessed with him for nearly half of my life!

The wedding was so beautiful, and I am so happy for Brad and Michelle!


This is my dress– I got mine from TJ Maxx for a FRACTION of that cost. Wowza. It is stretchy and the perfect length. These are the shoes I wore. They were also on sale because I am frugal.

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