10 Gift Ideas for the College Bound HS Grad

graduation gifts

It is graduation season. My sister told me that I should write a post with graduation gift ideas because she needed some. I have done youth ministry for many years alongside my husband and we have been to a few LOT of graduation parties. Plus, I was a college student.

1. Laundry hamper. If you are really nice, you’ll throw in a roll of quarters.

2. Fan. Most dorm rooms don’t have air conditioning. A fan is much needed.

3. Desk Lamp. Don’t be that guy that keeps the dorm light on while you work late. Also, don’t get an LED lamp. It will disrupt your sleep cycle, and you’ll struggle to fall asleep when you do finally get to crawl into bed at 3 in the morning.

4. Amazon Gift Card. Text books can be purchased on Amazon for a much cheaper price than in bookstores. Everything can be purchased on Amazon!

5. Planner. Write your assignments down.

6. Desk Organizer. Any organization tools would be handy.

7. Coffee Maker. My mom got one very similar to this for me. I loved being able to brew a quick cup of coffee before running out the door to class.

8. Everybody Always. College brings difficult people and discouragement. That is just a fact. Every human needs to read this book.

9. Stainless Steel Water Bottle. (15% off with this link!)Hydrate with super cold water. You are more likely to carry water with you if you have a fun water bottle that you love. Don’t add more plastic waste when it’s not necessary. Plus, these keep coffee hot for a long time, too.

10. Shower Caddy and bath products. Self care becomes the last priority in college. Remind them to take care of themselves, too.


Honorable mention: Scott also gave me a great idea. His aunt knew which colleges he and his brother were going to be attending. She bought some college gear for them as their graduation present. It was fun for them to represent their college through the summer.

Let me know if you have any other good ideas!



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