Travel Essentials

It’s road trip season! Whether you are traveling to see family, taking a camping trip, or a day trip to the beach, there are many things that make traveling easier. I’ve rounded up some fun and whimsical items to make your travels easier and more colorful!

Travel Essentials

 travel pillow // There’s nothing worse than falling asleep and waking up with terrible neck pain.

toiletries bag // This one is pretty obvious.

cooler bag // We love packing our own drinks, snacks, and sometimes lunch when we travel. A cooler bag allows you to pack healthy snacks instead of garbage that leaves you feeling yucky. Bonus points if your bag is super cute.

Turkish towel // These dry super fast and are incredibly light weight. Plus, they are cute.

water bottle //Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Comfy Sandals // Get a sandal that can go from a trail, to the water, and back inside again. Teva’s dry easily and can withstand just about anything.

good book // I loved The Royal We. There are lots of other good “beach reads” out there. As usual, I’m going to direct you to Janssen at Everyday Reading for a good list.

travel planner // For the lover of planning!

Instax mini camera // Put your phone away and enjoy LIFE! Just don’t forget extra film.





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