Memorial Day 2018


Scott and I started off our Memorial weekend by going to the cemetery. His dad’s headstone is there now, and his body is at rest in the town he loved so much. When we were entering the cemetery, the road was lined with American flags. Every grave site of a soldier had a flag, some dating back as far as the Civil War. We were able to find the headstone that is there for Scott’s great uncle. He died in a Japanese prison camp in WWII, and as far as we know his body was never recovered.

Never forget.

On Memorial Day, we went to the local memorial to teach the girls what Memorial Day is really about. We live in a great country with many freedoms that others do not get to enjoy. I am so thankful for the men and women who are willing to stand in our defense so that we may continue to enjoy those freedoms. We want our daughters to always remember the price that was paid, and continues to be paid, for our freedom.

That sacrifice allowed us to spend the day with my family; my sister and her family that lives in Minnesota included. We were able to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. We were able to play in the sprinkler in our back yard and take a mile and a half walk.ย  We were able to go to the church of our choice on Sunday. The price of freedom is great.


Never forget.






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