Travel Essentials for Kids

We are getting ready for a trip to Michigan in a week. It has been almost a year since we traveled, and I’ve been making a list of all of the things that saved our sanity in the past. We used to travel 8+ hours to see our families multiple times a year, plus the moves where I was solo with all three kids. Finding things that would keep the kids entertained so we could focus on the road was a must. Now, I feel out of practice. Here are some of my favorites from the past.

Travel Essentials

water wow books // These are our favorite travel companion. The only mess is possible spilled water, which I don’t think has ever happened to us in the YEARS that we have used these. Without fail, every time we give these to our girls in the car, they are quiet for at least an hour.

books– //  We love the “1000 things to spot in..” for the big girls and “very first book of things to spot in..” for Harper; which are both by Usborne. They are like I spy books, but much less overwhelming to my eyeballs. These kinds of books give the girls something to do besides ask how much longer the trip is.

Snacks// for obvious reasons. Goldfish, Clif KidZ bars, and applesauce pouches are some of our favorites. Use discretion when going the pouch route. If your child is young enough to squeeze it out everywhere without thinking, DON’T. Save your sanity. Also, think about your child’s age and choking hazards. A tip- we use cups to put snacks in instead of bowls because they can stick it in their cupholder. We avoid a lot of spills this way.

DVD player // For the long trips, this is a life saver. When we took three days moving from Michigan to Oklahoma, we went through a lot of movies! But, it made the trip so much less stressful for the mama who was driving the van. I want my kids to learn to be bored and entertain themselves, but sometimes a DVD is just necessary to avoid a mama mealtdown. The scholastic movies are honestly some of my favorites!

Water Bottles // You don’t want to spend a fortune on buying water at the store. The price of water bottles has gone up so much! Not to mention the fact that you are wasting so much plastic. You can refill them when you stop for lunch at whatever fast food joint you chose. You can also put juice or whatever drink you want in it.  I love Hydro Flask because they keep everything cold for so long.

Car Diffuser // I finally got one before our last move. I put calming oils (lavender, stress away, or cedarwood) in it for the trip to keep the crazy away. I also put a drop of Thieves in it to support our immune systems. We used to always get sick after a trip, and I am so thankful we’ve avoided illness since getting this.

These are all things that we have used for every trip.

I have thought about getting this for the big girls, but am not sure that they would be able to see well enough out the back windows. I’ve also thought about getting these over time to replace Water Wow books. The books last for a long time, but do wear out after a couple years.

What would you add to this list? How do you survive long road trips with kids?




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My New Favorite Shampoo and Conditioner

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

I have been on the hunt for a good, clean shampoo and conditioner for quite some time. Two years ago, I dyed my hair platinum blonde and it got destroyed. My hair had never been so unhealthy, and it’s been a long process of restoring the health and stopping the breakage. When Moms Meet contacted me about trying Desert Essence anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner, I jumped at the opportunity!

Honestly, I always get a little afraid. What if I hate the product and have to write that?! I won’t ever be dishonest or deceitful in what I share with you.Thankfully, that was not the case. I have been using Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner for several weeks and LOVE it!! I’ll have a special discount for you later so you can give it a try for less!

Here are some facts about Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner:

– It is infused with an exclusive blend  that helps reduce breakage by up to 61%. There is biotin right in the product, which is what you get when you buy any vitamins for your hair!
– It is rich in nourishing jojoba and coconut oils, aloe, and saw palmetto, which smooth and fortify hair cuticles and revitalize hair strands to minimize breakage.
– The botanical oils and radish seed extract provide shine!
– The aloe and moisturizing shea butter in the Anti-Breakage Conditioner help de-tangle and condition hair.

Another fun fact- Desert Essence was the first company to bring Jojoba oil into the marketplace! So cool!


The shampoo lathers up really nicely and leaves my hair feeling clean. The conditioner is thick and creamy. I love that when I am done washing and conditioning my hair, I don’t feel any build-up. Do you know what I mean? Some conditioners leave behind a lot of build-up that feels so gross and weighs down your hair.  My hair just feels fresh and clean. It feels smooth and much less frizzy than it had been. After having such badly damaged hair, it is so nice for it to feel healthy again.

I am sure that you are wondering about the scent. I always want my hair to smell nice. There is not a fruity or spicy scent– it’s just clean and fresh. Are you noticing a theme? I really love the way my hair smells after I wash it.


Earlier, I said that I had been on the hunt for good, CLEAN shampoo and conditioner. I don’t want a bunch of hormone disruptive and unnecessary ingredients in my bath products. Every Desert Essence product is rated incredibly well on the Think Dirty app. While the anti-breakage shampoo and conditioner and not specifically rated YET, I feel really good about using a brand that’s worst score is a 4; most of the time just for fragrances that may trigger allergy or asthma problems.

If you are unfamiliar with the score system, ten is the worst. Each product gets a score and a green, yellow, or red color for how harmful the ingredients are. Most of the Desert Essence products are a ZERO! How awesome is that! Desert Essence really cares about the ingredients that are put into their products. Each one serves a purpose. The Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner is also gluten-free.

Now, I know that many people roll their eyes at this. “It goes on your skin. Who cares what’s in it?” Did you know that EVERYTHING that you put on your skin (including your scalp) can be found in your bloodstream after a certain amount of time; some as early as 26 seconds after application? THAT is why you should care. That is why I am passionate about products like this. We put tons of chemicals onto our skin that get in our blood stream, and then wonder why everyone is so sick and infertility is so common. At some point, we have to say enough is enough. Speak with your dollars, and only spend your money on the products that aren’t harming us and our children.


You can find Desert Essence at Natural Grocers, Lucky’s Market, MOM’s Organic Market, and many other local natural food stores. If you want to find it in your area, visit desertessence.com/store-locator. My readers can take 20% off Anti-Breakage and Smoothing Hair Care Products on dessertessence.com with the promo code DELovesMomsMeet

Please let me know if you have any other questions about Desert Essence Anti-Breakage shampoo and conditioner. Let me know if you give it a try! I’d love to hear what you think!



Exploring Springfield

We celebrated our ten year anniversary two weeks ago. We had been planning a trip to Springfield, IL  to celebrate. It was close enough to not spend the whole time traveling, but far enough that it felt like a real getaway. I have to say a huge thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for graciously taking all three of our girls for the night. The girls stayed up annoyingly late and woke up annoyingly early and she didn’t strangle me when we picked them up. So, she’s the best. Scott’s brother stayed at our house with the dog so we didn’t have to worry about him either. It takes a village, y’all.

We initially had planned on going kayaking, but the weather was terrible for it. It was rainy and cloudy. The high for Friday ended up only being 75. That is dream weather for me, but on the water it’s COLD. We asked the front desk for a later checkout time, and spent the morning swimming and sitting in the hot tub. Then, we decided to roam around Springfield and soak in the history of it all.


It was so strange to just take the day slowly and not have a schedule to keep. Our first stop ended up being the capitol. We didn’t go inside, but we did walk the grounds outside. The building is beautiful, and I couldn’t get enough of staring at the details of the architecture.



We went to lunch and then decided we’d go see Lincoln’s Tomb. We don’t remember ever seeing it before. During elementary school, we frequently went on field trips to the historical places in Springfield. Neither of us could remember going to the tomb. It was very moving to see and take in.


The skies opened up on us at one point and we stood in the rain reading about the different monuments. Lincoln has always been my favorite president, and I love learning more about him and his legacy. We were able to go inside and see the place where he is buried, along with three of his sons and his wife. It was heartbreaking to see how young his sons were when they passed away. One is buried in Arlington.


We drove around the cemetery and found the war memorials. Both of us ended up in tears. Never forget the sacrifice that was made for our freedoms– that is all I can say about the memorials. Never forget.




We weren’t really sure where to go  next, so we just drove.

We ended up passing the train station that Lincoln departed from to be inaugurated as the 16th president of the United States. We ironically got stopped by a train next to it, so I hopped out and grabbed some information that they had outside– things that are especially fun to have as a homeschooling parent. Then, we stumbled upon the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.

We arrived just in time to see Abraham Lincoln “himself” give his farewell speech, which is what I picked up at the train station. It was so fun to walk around and see the restored homes. Inside one of them, we got to see pictures of the restoration process and all of the work and care that went into each one. It’s truly amazing.



This is Lincoln’s home, which he departed from to become president and sadly never returned to. You can purchase tickets to tour inside, which is so neat.

There is so much to do in Springfield; such rich history. Everything that we did didn’t cost a penny. New Salem is another awesome place that you can visit for a suggested donation ($10 for a family). We want to take the kids there, and bring them back to see the places that we visited.

I never realized how fun it would be to come back and play tourist in a town that you’ve been to a million times as a child. It is completely different as an adult who fully appreciates all of the history. I really encourage you to visit Springfield if you live anywhere nearby. There is so much to see!



Dance Camp and Growing Up

Yesterday, the big girls had dance camp. Their Mimi P saw that the dance studio in her town was doing a dance camp a couple of days this summer and asked if the girls would like to do it. Since I don’t have a car during the day, and Scott goes in at 5 AM (NO way am I waking the kids at 4 to take him) she said they could spend the night with her and she’d bring them home. They always love having slumber parties with Mimi. I always enjoy it, also, because I get some one on one time with Harper.

I bought a huge slip n slide at Aldi last weekend, and finally set it up in the morning yesterday. She had a blast. It’s not very easy to actually slide down, but she loved scooting around and getting sprayed with the water.


She really loved sitting in the little pool at the end.


Mimi sent me some pictures and videos while the girls were at dance camp. They ended up being the only two in camp that day. Crazy! I appreciated feeling included. I was beaming with pride because Addi was REALLY nervous about whether she would like it or not. She really wants to do gymnastics. Chloe was also following instructions so well.


When they came home, Addi was going on and on about dance class. She was showing me all of the moves they learned, telling me all about their snack, and showing me her art work. I had to drag the information out of Chloe. haha! When Scott got home from work, Chloe blabbed his ear off about camp. #favoriteparent Addi had us do some dance moves and stretches with her. Ladies, find yourself a husband who is willing to do ballet moves with his daughters.

I know that Chloe had a blast, she is just more quiet about it. I keep finding Addi wearing her ballet slippers. They are hand-me-downs from Chloe. This morning, she finally took them off and I found this.IMG_6800

Ignore how dirty they are (Chloe used to start dance class in tap shoes and then change into ballet half-way through. Dirty dance floors.)  If you can’t tell, she crossed out Chloe’s name and wrote her name (in cursive) and age. I love seeing them so excited about trying new things! The next camp day is a month away. I’m sure we’ll have a count down going soon. 😉 It is crazy to think that my little girls are growing up so much.

Parenthood is funny like that. We can’t wait for our kids to grow up because we are exhausted or frustrated or struggling. Then, they do and we are heartbroken. I was just reading through old posts from my Blogspot blog. I’m so thankful to have documented their childhood- good days and bad. The memories are so fun.



What’s in my Bag?

I LOVE posts where people share the contents of the purse, pantry, fridge, etc. I’m not sure what it is, but I am obsessed. I didn’t think I was a nosey person, but now I am rethinking that.. I’ll be sure to link everything that I can in case you want something you see for yourself. This isn’t sponsored in any way. I am just sharing what I love and use every day.

In case you are wondering- I have 7, 6, and 3 year olds and this is what I carry most days.

Here it is– dinosaur erasers and all. I usually have my sunglasses in a case, but it must have been left in the car. I have my house keys and all of the discount cards. I keep a roller bottle of insect repellent because mosquitos are out of control this year. A little calendar is necessary when you have three kids with doctor, eye doctor, dentist appointments and other activities to coordinate. My Ju-Ju-Be coin purse may make me the happiest. I love the Sanrio characters, and found this on a BST page.

This bag is my snack bag, obviously. Right now, it just has snacks for me that fit a paleo lifestyle. I had started out strictly doing AIP. I kept falling off the wagon when we’d be out and about because the options are SO limited. I decided to do paleo in place, because I can snack on things like almond butter when I know I’ll be gone all day. I’m still mostly AIP in the home. I can also fit snacks in it for the girls when we are going to be out and about.

I love the pretty subtle blue of this wallet. I’ve had it for quite some time, and it’s not dirty. I know a lot of people worry about lite colors getting dirty. This wallet was snagged for a really good deal! When I do buy a wallet, which is RARE, I buy a nice one. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had bought a wallet before I bought this one. To me, quality matters. I’d rather spend more money on a purse/wallet and have it last forever than spend little money and have them fall apart right away. I don’t get to change what I use very often, but I feel much better about my choice.

I snagged this bag when it was on super sale a while ago. It holds my lip gloss, deodorant, pens, lip balm, a pen, mascara, my inhaler, hair ties, bobby pins.. all of the junk that I don’t want floating around inside of my purse. I also have an extra strap for Harper’s glasses that the doctor gave me that I’ve been to lazy to take out. All of the junk has a home.

In this bag, I keep our medical supplies– including an unwrapped cough drop and safety pin, I guess. There are sunscreen and bug balm sticks. I have a roller bottle of lavender to roll on bumps, bruises, and burns. I also have a thieves roller bottle because I never leave home without it. I also carry cold calm tablets, children’s benadryl, and children’s tylenol in case they are needed.  The tylenol was expired.. that’s how often I use it. ha!


Sources: Purse // wallet (similar) // coin purse // jellyfish bag (similar– size medium) // carrying case // sunglasses // lip gloss // deodorant // medicine bag // sunscreen and bug sticks // glass roller bottles // cold calm


If you have a blog, I’d love for you to join me in sharing “What’s in my Bag?”! Drop your link in the comments if you do share!



Harvest and Organization


This is our second year of having a garden, and it never gets old bringing in the harvest. Scott’s mom got us a blueberry bush, and it started producing right away. Harper is obsessed with blueberries, and usually picks them off before I get to them. I beat her this time. My herbs have gone bananas, and I constantly am trimming them. It’s glorious.

We had such a wonderful weekend with family, and I didn’t take a single picture. It was really good to just soak it in. Scott’s side of the family gathered at Jim’s grave site on Saturday for Father’s Day. His brother and his wife recited their vows by where Jim is buried. They got married in Korea, and none of the family was present, so it was really special. We spent the whole day hanging out and eating food.

Sunday, we went out to lunch with all of the dads after church. Our crew of 14 made a lot of noise at the Mexican restaurant, so I’m sure they cheered when we left. haha! Then, we went home and just relaxed.

Kidding. I spent hours cleaning the girls’ rooms. I threw away so much junk, and it always feels really good. For two minutes, both rooms were very clean. I am going to be joining Nesting with Grace and her organization challenge. I believe this week is clothing, which is stupendous since we STILL had the mix of winter/spring clothing in the drawers. Once I get everything cleaned, we will see exactly what we have and what we may need to fill in. With three girls, you’d think we wouldn’t ever need to buy clothes except for the oldest. I have found that Harper ends up needing some because toddlers are HARD on clothes, and there were many that we got rid of because of excessive holes and stains.

I also feel the extreme need to share that Young Living is launching a ton of new products at 10 AM MST. So, if you are in the central time zone like me, it is at 11 AM. You can see the new products here on my wellness Instagram page. There are food products, new oils, tons of new makeup, SPF 50 sunscreen, ACNE SPOT TREATMENT, cleansing oil, etc. If you want to order any of this goodness, don’t wait! They are anticipating selling out pretty quickly. You can go here to order.

We have a really exciting week coming up. The big girls start dance camp tomorrow! Scott and I are going on a one-night get away to celebrate our anniversary on Thursday/Friday. I am hosting a jam making party on Saturday. Lots of fun coming up! Maybe I’ll remember to snap some pictures this time.




Friday Favorites- product edition

Friday Favorites Oils

I usually do a Friday Favorites post every Friday. This week I decided to share my favorite products from Young Living.

I have been ditching old cleaners and products and switching them for concentrated Young Living products. The up-front cost is more, but it saves money in the long run.

1. Thieves household cleaner– this is my go-to cleaner. I don’t have window cleaner, de-greaser, multi-purpose cleaner, and germ killing spray anymore. I have thieves cleaner. One bottle of the concentrated cleaner lasted me for a year. ONE WHOLE YEAR cleaning windows, tables, stove tops, ovens, refrigerators, and spraying as a germ killer. It’s incredible. It smells great and doesn’t give me a headache like the other products did. That year includes moving TWICE, which you know is a LOT of scrubbing.

2. Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste– there are several “flavors” of toothpaste offered, but this is our favorite. Once, we ran out and Scott was begging me to order more. Our teeth and mouth get really cleaned without our mouths being on fire. It is free from all the yucky stuff and gets the job done well.

3. Savvy Minerals lipgloss– I have this in Embrace and Abundant. I love that there is a hint of peppermint oil in it, so your lips get that nice tingly feeling and plumping effect. They glide on so smoothly and have a touch of shimmer to them. I am a lipgloss girl no matter how much I try to love lipstick. (I haven’t tried our lipstick yet, but am trying to decide on a color to try.)*

4. Thieves Dish Soap– I have a dishwasher, so this is rarely used. But, I love it. It smells so good, and I know it’s going to get my dishes really clean.

5. Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak– I have done the traditional vinegar method. With all of the salmonella scares lately, I feel much better knowing that there is thieves in there fighting the germs that may be present. I am always amazed at how gross the water is when I am done soaking my produce. Dirt and hazy grossness in the water instead of on my food! Win.

6. Desert Mist Diffuser– This is my FAVORITE diffuser. I don’t burn candles in my home anymore. This diffuser has a candle flicker setting, so you can get the calming/romatic feel of candlelight without the toxic chemicals that are let off. There are so many diffuser blends out there– just search on Pinterest. Plus, this one runs for up to 10 hours.

7. Deep Relief Roll On– This bottle is magic. I have a lot of knee problems. They get really inflammed and swollen frequently, and it hurts so bad. I roll some of this on the sore areas and it helps ease that pain.

8. Progessence Plus Serum– This oil blend is so great for balancing hormones. My hormone levels hit rock bottom and I was told that I was going through pre-menopause. Not. Fun. I am only 30, and there is no way that I am going to start hormone replacement therapy at my age.. or ever. I feel like it is way too risky. I bought this oil in desperation, and am so happy with the results. I started feeling like myself again. Even women who are not going through menopause use this oil and love it. As women, our hormones are always up and down. This helps to regulate the crazy that we feel.

9. Grapefruit Oil– I love this oil. It is so bright and cheery. I diffuse it to give me an energy boost. I have also made a sugar scrub with it and peppermint.

10. Savvy Minerals eyeliner– As a personal preference, I prefer a powder eyeliner over a pencil. I like a smokey look more than precise lines. If you wet your eyeliner brush, you can get more precise lines. *

We are launching new products in TWO DAYS!! I am so excited about clean mascara that a lot of people were able to test out at convention. They have raved about it, and I can’t wait to try it!

*Savvy Minerals does not test their products on animals. They are cruelty free and free from phthalates, parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances, and chemicals.

The best deal is 100% to purchase a premium starter kit. The value is well over $300 for half of that cost. When you buy a PSK, you get all of your products at wholesale prices. This is HUGE savings. There are so many perks to signing up, and you don’t have to sell anything ever. I don’t pay anything to keep a website going.

Plus, you can sign up for the monthly subscription box called Essential Rewards. YOU pick what goes into your box each month. If you know you will need toothpaste and laundry soap soon, you can put that in your order. You set up which day it ships on. You pick your shipping speed. PLUS, you get rewards. What?! The first three months, you get 10% of your order in points. (Spend $100, get 10 points) After that, it jumps up to 20%!! This so so great to use for products that you want to try out, but maybe don’t want to spend the money on. Just save up your points to try out a new oil or treat yourself to a fancy diffuser.

The more I use oils and all of these great products, the more passionate I get. I’ve seen our lives change for the better as a direct result of using oils and removing toxins from our home. I want that for everyone. I want you to know that it IS possible to take control of your health. It is possible to take care of your family’s health.

When I bought my starter kit, I was added to a phenomenal facebook group where I can ask questions. When my father-in-law passed away, I asked what oils I could use to help us work through the heavy emotions. Not only was I given suggestions, but I was also covered in prayers from these incredible people. I love this company. I love my “team”. I would love to help you take control of your health!


Happy, happy Friday!! We are almost to the weekend!



Surprise Celebrations

Yesterday was Scott and I’s tenth anniversary. We didn’t actually plan anything. I didn’t even get him a card. What a failure I am! I grabbed some construction paper and made one for him while hew as at work. (Are you feeling better about yourself?)

Wednesdays are CSA pickup day. I knew Scott would be later coming home. When he came home with our basket of goodies, there was a book tucked inside. I pulled it out and it was Magnolia Table! He knows how much I have been wanting this cookbook. I am such a big fan of Chip and Jo. Obviously, I really loved Fixer Upper and seeing these two interact. Then I read Magnolia Story and was obsessed. I cried through a lot of the book because I read it during this incredibly difficult season. Knowing how much they struggled to make ends meet and how it felt like things were falling apart for them– and seeing where they are now– I felt like there was hope for us. Anyway, huge fan. Love them and their story. I was super surprised and excited.


Then, I checked my voicemail and got a message that Harper’s glasses were ready for pickup. We have been waiting for over a month! I told Scott and we rushed to get up there before they closed. While we were rushing, my dad called and asked if we had plans for our anniversary. I said no. We hadn’t asked anyone to watch the kids, blah blah blah. He told me that he would ask my mom if it was ok for them to watch the girls. I was really excited. Even though we live near most of our family, we don’t go on dates very often. I hate inconveniencing people, so I rarely ask.

Anyway, look at Harper with her cute glasses. She went up a size (and a TON of strength) and picked out this purple color.


When we got back from getting her glasses, we rushed home again to change. We were not prepared for a date night. Scott was still in his work clothes because of the frenzy of rushing. We couldn’t decide where to go, and suddenly Scott knew. He wouldn’t tell me though. ha!

I was surprised (again) when we pulled into a local Italian restaurant, which he reminded me was where we had our rehearsal dinner. Major points for Scott.

It was so nice to have a day full of surprises. It felt like the perfect way to celebrate 10 years. We are in a crazy and hectic phase of life right now, so a chaotic day of celebrating was fitting. We realized we forgot to take our traditional date-night selfie, so we pulled off near the lake and snapped a blurry picture.


Maybe next time we’ll get a clear picture. haha! I love being married to this man. He still makes my heart skip a beat.


10 Things I Love About You


10 years of marriage. 10 years of ups and downs; the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. 10 years that I wouldn’t trade for the whole world.



1. Your laugh is the best; the way that it is so carefree and full of joy. I love seeing you smile.

2. You are up to any adventure and ready to try new things. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, camping, fishing.. all of it.

3.  You love me so well. No one else would ever put up with me.. let alone love me the way you do. You support me and my dreams.

4. You are the hardest worker I know. You are willing to get your hands dirty and do what needs to be done. You don’t stop until a job is done. But, you also keep your priorities and don’t sacrifice your family for your work.

5. You jump in and help anyone in need; no questions asked. You never meet a stranger and are kind to everyone.

6. You are THE BEST daddy to our girls. Your football playing/ wrestling/ jock self learned to paint nails and braid hair. You teach them to never give up and to try with all of their might.

7. You are willing to give up cookies and your favorite desserts to help ME take control of my health. You are even psyched about the garden.

8. You never complain about moving furniture around with me. You just take the other end of the couch and move it. You get upset when I rearrange without you because you don’t want me to hurt myself.

9. Your shoulder is the perfect shape for my head to fit. It’s magic.

10. You are the best part of me. You are the calm to my chaos. I feel like 10 things is far too few.



I am so thankful for our ten years of marriage. I could not have asked for a better man by my side. I love you. I love us.



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Beach Bums

When Scott gets a Saturday off, we rejoice. We decided that if he did get the day off, we would head to the beach.

The weather was calling for scattered showers at the beach we always used to go to. We checked the forecast for a beach north of us, and saw that the storms were past that area. We quickly packed a lunch, our gathre mat, sunscreen, floaties, and ten million towels. We put the wagon in the van so we could drag all of our stuff to our spot on the beach, which was a HUGE help.


Hitting up the beach with three kids is no joke. So. Much. Stuff. It is always worth it though. It was overcast and a little on the cool side when we arrived, but the water was warm. We went right in and swam until everyone was hungry. I may have nudged them to hunger because Mama was hungry. haha! After a healthy lunch of bologna/ham sandwiches and chips, we reapplied our sunscreen and went back into the water. acs_0058

These people are my favorite. Sandy feet and all.

I may go overboard with the sunscreen. haha! When your four year old goes in to have a huge portion of her skin removed because the doctors fear it may be cancer, you don’t mess around. (If you remember from years ago, it wasn’t cancer- Praise God.)


I am sharing the sunscreen we used, because it is amazing. A lot of times, kids still end up with very light tan lines even with sunscreen. They had NONE. No harmful rays got through. It sprays on white, so you can see where the coverage is going. Just rub it in. It is also ocean-friendly. (Read about the importance here.) Plus, it is free from all of the crap that is just as harmful as a sunburn. This is not at all sponsored (although I would absolutely love that), I just really love it and am overly passionate about using a CLEAN sunscreen.

Lake life may be the best life. I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Sources: \ gathre mat / wagon / puddle jumpers / Addi’s swimsuit / cooler / my suit / healthy human bottle (15% your first order) / sunscreenveggie-go’s snack /