Sweet Summertime


It is adventure season again.

We have a bike trail near our house, so we decided to walk to it on Sunday. We walked part of it, and then went back through downtown and home. It ended up being over 3 miles, which was really refreshing. My shoes are too big on my feet, and I got a blister, but that’s ok.



Chloe loved photobombing Scott and I. We were smart and brought our wagon and stroller so that the girls could ride instead of whining that their feet hurt the whole way. They did some riding and walking, and went to sleep easier than usual that night.

You guys! Sunshine is so good for the soul!! (With this sunscreen.. cuz SPF!) Some days it is just so miserably hot and humid that I only enjoy the sun through our sky lights. My mood is 100% better after some sun and fresh air.

I got Scott a kayak for his birthday yesterday. I was so giddy and couldn’t wait to get it for him. He was so in shock that I was worried he hated it. HAHA! He said, “I can’t believe you actually got me a kayak” before bed. I can’t wait to see the adventures he goes on. He works ten hours a day– a lot of times 6 days a week. He needs a way to unwind and clear his head.

We always used to go hiking when we first got married. Then, we moved to Michigan and had a baby. We stopped going and doing things that we loved, because a lot of them are much more difficult with little kids. For the past few years, we’ve started taking the kids out for hikes, and it has been so fun. I keep meaning to take a garbage bag so that we can “leave it better” during our hike.

Do you go on adventures with your family? If you are in a phase where your kids are just too little, don’t worry. It won’t last forever. ❀ At least get out and go for a walk. It is the best kind of medicine.



1 thought on “Sweet Summertime”

  1. I was just telling peter how much I miss going hiking like we did in CA. We did go a coupe times after C was born, but then we moved and womp womp womp. I get excited when I find a real woodsy park with a bike trail or paved trail so a stroller can go on it.


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