Surprise Celebrations

Yesterday was Scott and I’s tenth anniversary. We didn’t actually plan anything. I didn’t even get him a card. What a failure I am! I grabbed some construction paper and made one for him while hew as at work. (Are you feeling better about yourself?)

Wednesdays are CSA pickup day. I knew Scott would be later coming home. When he came home with our basket of goodies, there was a book tucked inside. I pulled it out and it was Magnolia Table! He knows how much I have been wanting this cookbook. I am such a big fan of Chip and Jo. Obviously, I really loved Fixer Upper and seeing these two interact. Then I read Magnolia Story and was obsessed. I cried through a lot of the book because I read it during this incredibly difficult season. Knowing how much they struggled to make ends meet and how it felt like things were falling apart for them– and seeing where they are now– I felt like there was hope for us. Anyway, huge fan. Love them and their story. I was super surprised and excited.


Then, I checked my voicemail and got a message that Harper’s glasses were ready for pickup. We have been waiting for over a month! I told Scott and we rushed to get up there before they closed. While we were rushing, my dad called and asked if we had plans for our anniversary. I said no. We hadn’t asked anyone to watch the kids, blah blah blah. He told me that he would ask my mom if it was ok for them to watch the girls. I was really excited. Even though we live near most of our family, we don’t go on dates very often. I hate inconveniencing people, so I rarely ask.

Anyway, look at Harper with her cute glasses. She went up a size (and a TON of strength) and picked out this purple color.


When we got back from getting her glasses, we rushed home again to change. We were not prepared for a date night. Scott was still in his work clothes because of the frenzy of rushing. We couldn’t decide where to go, and suddenly Scott knew. He wouldn’t tell me though. ha!

I was surprised (again) when we pulled into a local Italian restaurant, which he reminded me was where we had our rehearsal dinner. Major points for Scott.

It was so nice to have a day full of surprises. It felt like the perfect way to celebrate 10 years. We are in a crazy and hectic phase of life right now, so a chaotic day of celebrating was fitting. We realized we forgot to take our traditional date-night selfie, so we pulled off near the lake and snapped a blurry picture.


Maybe next time we’ll get a clear picture. haha! I love being married to this man. He still makes my heart skip a beat.

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