What’s in my Bag?

I LOVE posts where people share the contents of the purse, pantry, fridge, etc. I’m not sure what it is, but I am obsessed. I didn’t think I was a nosey person, but now I am rethinking that.. I’ll be sure to link everything that I can in case you want something you see for yourself. This isn’t sponsored in any way. I am just sharing what I love and use every day.

In case you are wondering- I have 7, 6, and 3 year olds and this is what I carry most days.

Here it is– dinosaur erasers and all. I usually have my sunglasses in a case, but it must have been left in the car. I have my house keys and all of the discount cards. I keep a roller bottle of insect repellent because mosquitos are out of control this year. A little calendar is necessary when you have three kids with doctor, eye doctor, dentist appointments and other activities to coordinate. My Ju-Ju-Be coin purse may make me the happiest. I love the Sanrio characters, and found this on a BST page.

This bag is my snack bag, obviously. Right now, it just has snacks for me that fit a paleo lifestyle. I had started out strictly doing AIP. I kept falling off the wagon when we’d be out and about because the options are SO limited. I decided to do paleo in place, because I can snack on things like almond butter when I know I’ll be gone all day. I’m still mostly AIP in the home. I can also fit snacks in it for the girls when we are going to be out and about.

I love the pretty subtle blue of this wallet. I’ve had it for quite some time, and it’s not dirty. I know a lot of people worry about lite colors getting dirty. This wallet was snagged for a really good deal! When I do buy a wallet, which is RARE, I buy a nice one. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had bought a wallet before I bought this one. To me, quality matters. I’d rather spend more money on a purse/wallet and have it last forever than spend little money and have them fall apart right away. I don’t get to change what I use very often, but I feel much better about my choice.

I snagged this bag when it was on super sale a while ago. It holds my lip gloss, deodorant, pens, lip balm, a pen, mascara, my inhaler, hair ties, bobby pins.. all of the junk that I don’t want floating around inside of my purse. I also have an extra strap for Harper’s glasses that the doctor gave me that I’ve been to lazy to take out. All of the junk has a home.

In this bag, I keep our medical supplies– including an unwrapped cough drop and safety pin, I guess. There are sunscreen and bug balm sticks. I have a roller bottle of lavender to roll on bumps, bruises, and burns. I also have a thieves roller bottle because I never leave home without it. I also carry cold calm tablets, children’s benadryl, and children’s tylenol in case they are needed.Β  The tylenol was expired.. that’s how often I use it. ha!


Sources: Purse // wallet (similar) // coin purse // jellyfish bag (similar– size medium) // carrying case // sunglasses // lip gloss // deodorant // medicine bag // sunscreen and bug sticks // glass roller bottles // cold calm


If you have a blog, I’d love for you to join me in sharing “What’s in my Bag?”! Drop your link in the comments if you do share!


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