5 Toddler Must-Haves


toddler must haves


sound machine // We use one at home and every time we travel. It helps them feel more comfortable to have something familiar. Bonus: if they have older siblings, it drowns out their noise.

Munchkin Miracle cup // Stainless steel doesn’t break and keeps their drinks cold for hours. This cup doesn’t spill unless dropped juuust right. Even then, it’s much less than with any other cup– maybe a small splatter.

stroller // Toddlers have found their independence. But, you will reach a point where you’re about to lose your mind. You will want to put them in a stroller and bribe them with a snack to stay there. Snack trays and cupholders are a must, which is why I don’t own an umbrella stroller. haha! This stroller is my absolute favorite, and I’ve used an embarrassing amount.

Indestructibles books // These are so good for keeping toddlers entertained at restaurants, doctors appointments, and in the car. The pages can’t be torn, and if they spill food all over the book, you can throw it in the wash.

High chair // The boon flair was my favorite high chair when Harper was a toddler. I actually regret selling it because she gets down from the table SO. MUCH. (Check out the “open boxes” for a really great deal.) Save your sanity and get a high chair that can last for a long time.



To sum it up– you need products that will help trap your toddler, and entertainment that they can’t destroy. Tell me what else you would add to this list! I always love hearing what other parents love!



2 thoughts on “5 Toddler Must-Haves”

  1. Ironically we rarely use the snack tray for our one stroller that has it for the kid! I just stick their cup in the parent console and hand them a snack cup. So I guess a good snack cup is my necessity. I just got one with a lid that screws on that they stick their hand through AND has a cover lid so your Cheerios donโ€™t go stale.

    Piddle Pads for the car seat (though technically not Car seat tech approved, whatevs).


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