Red, White, & Blue

Happy “every parent is dog tired” day. Anyone else’s neighbors shooting off fireworks until way too late?

Tuesday morning, I saw that the recreation department was doing a fun event for kids at a park down the street. It was 20 minutes until it started, so I rushed the girls to get dressed and we power walked there. They got to decorate t-shirts, do a craft, and decorate cookies– all for free! So rad! I shared it with my sister, and she came also! Hooray for cousin/sister time!


We had our big celebration on Tuesday night. Our town has always had “Blue Ribbon Days” on July 3rd. Last year, we had just moved to down a week before. I wasn’t prepared for anything. My mom and sister brought fun things for the girls to have while we were there, and I was so grateful. This year, I bought red, white, and blue glowsticks in advance and packed loads of water and snacks.


Someone was scooping free ice cream, so of course we hit that table up. (shout out to my wipeable Gathre mat for allowing me to not stress about sticky situations)


The fireworks were a huge hit. Harper got up halfway through and started dancing and singing a fireworks song. There was a lot of squealing from our group. I love getting to go to this event with my family. It was a favorite memory from my childhood, and it’s really special to share it with my own children.


Are you even a girl mom if you don’t have matching holiday nails?


Confession time: I slept nearly half of the fourth away. I have been battling what I think are allergies straight from Satan himself… or a sinus infection? I spend most of the nights coughing and barely sleeping. On Tuesday night, I took a lot of benadryl. I woke up at 3 AM coughing again and took some more benadryl. I didn’t join the land of the living until almost 11 AM… I’m sure I coughed all night again and didn’t get rest, but I felt like I was in a coma.Β  I’m good with not remembering the misery. I’m praying our trip to Michigan will give me some relief.

Scott was the grill master for our Fourth of July lunch and dinner. He made kebabs for lunch. Yum. Grilled pork chops and peaches were on he menu for dinner! He loves to grill, and I love that the house doesn’t heat up. We had gluten free patriotic cupcakes for dessert.



They aren’t Pinterest worthy, but the girls loved them and they taste great– which is really all that matters. We had a pretty calm day and played on the slip n slide until our neighbor came out yelling and dropping f-bombs every three seconds while trying to build a table.Β  We hustled the girls inside pretty quickly.

Now, we are moving on to the rest of “birthday season” for us. Harper turns four in a few weeks, and I cannot deal. She wants another Paw Patrol party, so I’d better get busy.





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