Ice Cream Safari Save

We had a full weekend here. Saturday morning, my older sister and I did a “fun run/walk” that was to raise money for the St. Jude team of runners in our area. I had to shop and re-stock after having a pretty bare kitchen. We ate leftovers before we went to Michigan, and ate sandwiches for lunch every day. haha!

Sunday, there was an ice cream event at the zoo. We planned to go. We decided to pack a picnic lunch and just go to the zoo straight after church. When we got to church, I started getting a shooting pain through my neck. Every time I would sing, I’d feel all of the congestion in my sinuses vibrate, which is just miserable and weird.

We headed to the zoo after church. We decided to eat our picnic lunch outside of the zoo so the kids would eat. False. They still were too distracted. We went in the zoo, and things fell apart almost instantly.

All of us have had allergy issues, not just me. I’m not sure if things have progressed from just allergies to sinus infections, or if the exhaustion finally caught up with everyone. It was disastrous. Everyone was grouchy. Harper got really upset about us walking away without putting sprinkles on her ice cream. (None of us knew she wanted them, but we should have.) She was crying so hard and I could hear the sound in her voice.. croup was trying to weasel its way into her body. Really, I think she has asthma, but our doctor in Michigan has STILL yet to send her records. The doctor here won’t see her without them. Mama bear is about to roar.

We only made it to two of the ice cream stations and didn’t see many animals. We still had train tickets from months ago that the girls have looked forward to using. We decided to end on a good note, ride the train, and then bounce. I’m glad we ended that way instead of dragging screaming children out of the zoo.


Everyone walked away with smiles on their faces. We stayed home since everyone felt so miserable. I spent a little time cleaning up the school room while the kids relaxed and Scott worked on a project.

Today, the kids are taking it easy and lounging on the couch.

I’m scoping out Amazon Prime Day deals, and will be sharing them over on my facebook deals page. I’d love to have you join and let me know what you are on the lookout for.



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