Our Favorite Bath Products- and a Discount

All three of my girls struggle with eczema. I always had super sensitive skin as a child, and still do as an adult. Addison has had it the worst. She used to be covered in dry, itchy patches of skin constantly. The other two would get patches here and there. I switched bath products and went on a quest to find a regimen that works well for all of the kids. Enter Tubby Todd. This post is 100% not sponsored at all– I am sharing because I genuinely love them and have been using only their products for YEARS. I do have a link to share that will give you 15% off your first order.

This is our current stash. It is worth every darn penny. If your child has eczema-prone skin, or you live in a cold climate you need to jump on this train. They have so many products that it can feel a little overwhelming, so I’ll help break it down for you.

All Over Ointment– This was my first purchase from Tubby Todd. It is a thick and creamy tub of goodness. This is really great to put on the dry patches of eczema. You will honestly start to see a difference overnight. If you live where the winter is bitter cold, put this on those chapped baby cheeks!

Dream Cream– This is really good for when skin is starting to get dry, but isn’t quite terrible yet. To be honest, I use this as hand lotion a lot of times; or I did before they released their Mama line. It’s got a hint of peppermint, so it may cause a little irritation on some babes. I honestly almost always reach for the All Over Ointment. You just can’t go wrong.

Everyday Lotion– It is just that. Use this daily after baths to keep skin moisturized and smelling completely wonderful. Every scent is incredible, and I love their seasonal scents. My husband is obsessed with the cranberry orange scent, so I stocked up around Christmas. We keep a bottle in our room, in the bathroom; everywhere.

Hair and Body Wash– I honestly have used this on myself. I love the smell of this. I have three girls– which is proof that I know good hair care. I love simplifying our bath products and having less bottles in the shower. I bought the extra tubby pump bottle of this, and it has lasted forever. I think that this played a huge part in helping clear up the eczema. When your daily products are clean and free form the harsh ingredients, it makes a HUGE difference.

Hair Conditioner– I bought this for my tangly girl’s hair. It smells like lemon cake. I honestly don’t use it on my kids very often because the hair and body wash is just THAT GOOD. I’ve used it on myself also and really love it, and I am picky.

Hair Detangler– This. is. amazing. I’m going to share a before and after picture.



Addi’s hair often looks like this after playing, riding in the carseat, sleeping, etc. It gets tangled so easily. She SCREAMS when she gets her hair brushed because her head is super sensitive. When Tubby Todd came out with this last year (I believe it was last year) I could not order it fast enough. I have tried SO MANY detangling hair sprays. They all don’t work or leave a greasy and gross feeling behind. This one leaves hair feeling clean and fresh. Plus, in between these pictures, there were no tears. Life changing stuff here. I ran out, and didn’t order some for a while.

Mama hand cream– this smells SO good. I really really love this hand cream and have used it for body lotion as well. So good. The whole Mama line is so good, but the hand cream is my favorite.

Belly Oil– this is super moisturizing and good for helping reduce the look of stretch marks. (I am NOT pregnant.. just hoping to say buh-bye to my stretchies a little.)

Mama Freshening Spray– I love having this on hand to help me smell good after a lot of mommin’. Some jobs just stink– literally– and this helps me feel a little more alive. I have also used the Baby Fresh Spray on myself and the kids. It smells wonderful, but I only had it for a short time before Harper dumped THE WHOLE BOTTLE out on the floor. I almost cried.

They also just came out with sunscreen, but I haven’t tried it out just yet. I have it, but am finishing up my other container of sunscreen before opening a new one. Waste not.

If this post overwhelmed you, I’ll try to simplify. If your child has eczema, start with the all over ointment. It will clear up those miserable patches for your kiddos quickly so they have comfort. If your child just has sensitive and mildly dry skin, switch to Tubby Todd’s hair and body wash and grab some every day lotion. They even have some travel sized products if you want to test it out before committing to a full size product.

Do you want to know the best part? Andrea, the founder of Tubby Todd, went through the awful cycle of trying to find a product that worked for her kids. She created a line of her own, and Tubby Todd was born. Now for the best part- if your child has a reaction to Tubby Todd products and they don’t work for you, you can e-mail them and they will REFUND YOUR MONEY!!! Y’all. No other company is that good to you. Plus, you are supporting a family with a real face. Andrea is so sweet and wonderful, and her kids are adorable.

Be sure to shop through this link to get 15% off!!!ย ย You will love them.


5 thoughts on “Our Favorite Bath Products- and a Discount”

    1. It is SO GOOD!! I was worried about spending that much on bath products (Hi, I’m cheap.) but they are honestly worth every penny and smell so good!


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