Our Journey to a Diagnosis- Part 2


You can read part 1 here if you want to be caught up.

Yesterday was my daughter’s first half of the screening for dyslexia/ADHD/delayed processing speed. I felt sick to my stomach all day. I had no idea what was going to happen and wasn’t sure how to fully prepare her. I didn’t know how she would feel about it. There were so many unknowns, and I HATE not knowing what’s going to happen. I like organization and planning to a fault.

When we got in the car to leave, my mind would not be quiet. I let my daughter pick the music we listened to, shifted it to the back of the van, and tried to let my brain work through all of the thoughts I had. I came so close to turning the car around. What am I doing? Why am I doing this to her? Does it really matter? Am I making a huge mistake?

I never expected to feel such a struggle. Part of it is that I know that I am on an island with homeschooling. It’s so hard to have so few people in your corner fighting WITH you instead of against you. I’m always questioning myself because of how often I get questioned by others. It’s a battle.

Anyway, we got to the office and I let my daughter bring in a couple of her favorite books and her stuffed animal that I didn’t see she brought. She told me that she was nervous. She didn’t know what to expect, and neither did I. I told her she was going to do great and the doctor is SO nice. She sat in the waiting room reading her books and clutching her stuffed animal. Dr. C came out and introduced herself to my daughter. “Are you ready to come back?” She gave a nervous laugh and said “yeah”. I asked Dr. C if she’d prefer the books and toy left out, and she said it was up to my daughter. She couldn’t make up her mind, so I told her she should take her stuffed animal with her to help her feel more calm. Back they went. When the door clicked shut, I had to fight tears. Again, WHY AM I DOING THIS TO HER?

I sat in the waiting room reading this book. I am so thankful that the two hours went by fairly quickly or it would have been torture. They say you don’t have to sit in the waiting room, but there was no way I was going to leave.

When Dr. C brought her out, she said they were able to get through quite a bit, and next week would only take one hour instead of two! My daughter came out with a huge smile on her face and skipping. My heart breathed a sigh of relief!

I wasn’t told anything about how it went. Zilch. Bummer. I set up an appointment for next week to finish up the screening.

When we left, I asked her if she had fun. She said she did. She told me that Dr. C held up a book and she would make pictures with blocks based off of the pages. They read some off of a paper. The blocks were her favorite part.

I am guessing that they won’t tell me anything next week. They will probably want to make a separate appointment so that we aren’t talking about my daughter in front of her. But, I could be wrong. My impatient self really hopes that I am wrong.

That’s not much of an update, but it’s where we are. I’ll have more to share next week.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out and offered your support and prayers. It means more than you know!

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