Let’s Explore

We finally went on a hike this year. Finally. Scott works almost every Saturday, and if he’s not working it’s only because there is something planned. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go after Scott got off of work.

We took a different trail this time. We ended up stumbling into this grove of pine trees. It was so beautiful and still beneath the shade. Well, it was still until our three banshee children went running in to play hide and seek.


We also found this fun “teepee” in the midst of the pine trees. It’s such a fun thing to find, and apparently has been there for a VERY long time. It’s so beautiful in the woods. We found out later that this grove of pine trees was actually a Christmas tree farm that was planted in 1957. Most of the trees were never harvested, so now we get this magical place to explore.


Another part of the trail went down by this pond. Harper was so cute in her little floppy hat. The water is a magical place. There is something so peaceful about watching water.


When we finished our hike, we went into the building that sits at the entrance of the conservation center. Inside, they have all sorts of fun activities for kids to do to learn about conservation efforts, the animals they see, and how we learn about the past. It’s such a fun place to explore.

When we came home, Scott grilled dinner and we ate on the back deck. We are hoping to have more days like this now that the weather is cooling off.











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