Glimpses of Autumn


Stroller (the best ever) // purse

I had told my mom that we should meet at the candy place when they put out their first caramel apples, which they had a sign saying it would be September 1st. I saw on Facebook that they made their first caramel apples yesterday. I tagged my mom with loads of excitement!!

The girls and I walked there and met her. Somewhere between my front door and the front door of the candy shop, my kids lost their minds. The candy store is a frequent stop when we go for long walks because it’s close. This wasn’t my first rodeo. Maybe it was seeing Mimi, and the extra excitement there… Wowza. After a lot of “Put that down! Stop touching EVERYTHING! You can pick ONE! WHY DID YOU BREAK A SUCKER THAT COSTS $2.50?!?!?!” Ugh.. I refuse to be the person that breaks things and doesn’t pay for them. Anyone want a big sucker that’s shattered inside of the package? Anyone?

I picked two caramel apples– one that is covered in bacon and one covered in M & Ms. I know, you are so glad I cleared that up.

caramel apple.jpg


We found really beautiful maple leaves on our walk home. I am so excited that I can officially start decorating for Fall tomorrow. I mean, I have two pumpkins and a gnome out already.. but that’s beside the point. Why do I love fall so much? It’s the little things that bring me joy; especially when it’s been a rough week.


I have been reading old posts on some of my favorite blogs. It made me think about how much I miss the old style of blogging. I loved catching glimpses into other peoples’ย  lives. It was just fun and relaxed. Now, everything tends to feel SO curated. Don’t get me wrong. I love that we can bring in income by sharing on our blogs or social media. I am SO incredibly grateful for every sponsored post that I get, because they help our family out. Plus, I get to share something that I already love with you all. But, I still miss the simplicity of the way it used to be. The way it still is for me. haha!

Tangent over.

I hope that you made time to do something fun this week. I think we’re all on the struggle bus after a couple of weeks of school being back in session. Happy last day of August, friends!

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