Labor Day

We had big Labor Day plans. Huge, really.



This recipe is from Magnolia Table. (This is my baking sheet and I’m obsessed with it.)It was the first time I’d ever made biscuits from scratch. They’ve always been intimidating to me for some reason, so I’ve never tried. I decided to be ambitious and make them. I also cooked up some scrambled eggs and maple sausage to go with them– along with a small batch of country gravy for me. Everyone else prefers jelly or butter on their biscuits. How long can I talk about biscuits?

We also had plans to relax all day. The library was having a used book sale, so we went towards the end. You could fill a paper bag for only $5. While we were looking, they announced that they were cutting the price to $2.50 for a bag. I found Thumbelina from 1961 and some other beautiful vintage childrens books. By then, most things had been picked over, but we still filled our bag.

Then everyone lost their minds and the day turned sour. While we were driving home, we decided to stop at the video rental store. Everyone (of the kids) picked a movie and a candy. We went to the basement, watched every movie, ate popcorn/candy, and turned the day back around.

Sometimes it’s just really nice to snuggle up as a family to watch a movie or read “one more” bedtime story.

I hope that your long weekend was wonderful and full of delicious biscuits.

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