What Alice Forgot- book review



Friends, this book was so, SO good. I didn’t expect it to be so thought provoking.

Alice wakes up on the floor of her spin class. She has hit her head, and has completely forgotten the last ten years of her life. She thinks that she is 29 years old, pregnant, and happily married to her husband, Nick. In reality, she is 39, the mother of three children, and in the middle of a nasty divorce.

The reader follows Alice through the weeks that follow as she tries to piece back together her life. How did her marriage fall apart when they were so happy and in love? Who are these children that she has no recollection of? What are these incredibly sad thoughts that wash over her? Why is there such distance between her and her sister? What has happened over the last ten years that has made everything so.. different? Who has she become?

You catch a glimpse into Alice’s sister, Elisabeth’s, life and her struggles as she writes letters to her psychotherapist as homework. Elisabeth’s story is heartbreaking, and so many women can relate to her.  You also catch a glimpse into Frannie’s life. Frannie is a pseudo-grandmother to Alice and Elisabeth. I don’t really understand why Frannie’s letters were sprinkled throughout the story. They were sweet, but I found myself wanting to skip over them.

I hate to give too many details of a novel, because I’d hate for the story to be ruined. There’s so many twists and turns. So much emotion. So many questions. It’s great.

I found myself feeling the need to slow down and savor the memories from each day of my own life. Not wanting to worship the “busy, busy, busy” lifestyle that we seem to embrace in our culture. It left me wanting to squeeze my girls and slow down with them. It made me want to hold on to Scott and not let him go or ever take him for granted. I want to take up journaling (Um, hello, blog.) so that I never forget anything.

I read this book over the weekend. It is 400+ pages long, but so captivating. There was a turning point in the book that left me feeling sad. I had it worked out in my mind how I wanted the story to end Then, the epilogue. The wonderful epilogue that left me grinning from ear to ear.

It seems fitting to be writing a book review today. I applied at our local library a couple of weeks ago. With my weird availability, I knew it was a long shot. I was brought in for an interview. Later, I was told that they ultimately had to find what they needed even though they wanted me. She said I was going to get an official letter telling me the position was filled, but also wanted to tell me that there may be something opening up in the next year. The letter arrived a couple of days later– on Thursday. Two rejections in a week. HA!

Then, the phone rang on Friday. What on earth?! I am going to be working at the library. THE LIBRARY!! The opening came sooner than expected. I had already given up on it. But, here we go into dream land. I love that library. I love literacy. I am so thrilled and thankful.


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