‘Twas the Day After Halloween


Look at these cuties. They were so excited to put on their costumes. It’s no fun when someone in the family is sick. I started my new job last night, which meant that I couldn’t be home with the sick one while Scott took the well ones. Bummer. Addi apparently sat on the steps inside the house and would say “Welcome to our haunted house!” any time trick or treaters came. So adorable.

I didn’t feel any guilt about going back to work until Addi got sick. Then, I felt sad seeing pictures of the kids dressed up and hearing stories of what they did tonight. It’s silly. We had a Halloween party for school and ate yummy treats and watched all of the fun movies during the day. I only missed a few hours.


My sister brought over some tea lights so we could light up our pumpkins. (Seriously..the year I remember candles will be a miracle.) You guys, my husband rocks. Everyone acts like dads are super incapable; and I’ve heard stories from wives who are frustrated by their husband’s lack of initiative. Whatever.. My husband is the best. He even did Chloe’s hair like Jasmine’s. He lit up the pumpkins. He fixed them a fun dinner. How can I have guilt when they are left with the fun parent?


The library handed out treats last night, so I got to join in the Halloween fun! My nephews and niece even came by in their costumes. So cute! A coworker (Hey, girl!) put together goodie bags for each of the girls. And, I noticed the extras that got thrown in. 😉 They were really excited this morning to see their loot.

It has already been a day. A curtain is ripped out of the wall, because my kids love destroying everything. Addi is still sick and in the most miserable phase, so she’s having a rough day. Chloe has school going on, which is really tough when one has school and one is sick and not doing it. It’s complete chaos right now. My neighbors probably think we’re all insane from the fighting/yelling/crying happening. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for all of my teacher friends in the classroom. Yikes.

I hope that you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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