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Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend was so busy. Friday night, I had rehearsal for our Christmas cantata at church. I ran into Target to get a few things before practice, and was Thankful that I got in line before the big crowd. I think I’ll hibernate until after Christmas. This time of year is bonkers.

Saturday, I worked a good portion of the day, which was really nice. A steady stream of patrons at the library helps time pass quickly. Plus, my co-workers are great. When I got off, I called my mom and asked if she would watch the girls for us. I wanted to take Scott to the cemetery to “see” his dad. These visits are hard. We’d give anything to just be able to talk to him again. My mom-in-law has it decorated beautifully. The sun was almost down completely and it was freezing, so we didn’t spend much time there. We were getting dinner after we left, and Scott decided to go to his dad’s favorite pizza place. Somewhere along the way, this happened..


Honestly, it wouldn’t be December without some sort of car troubles. This is the THIRD time we’ve had a nail/screw in our tire in December. Thankfully, that washer sealed the air in and it didn’t deflate. We were 45 minutes away from home, and the only place with tires would not repair it with the location of the screw, and didn’t have the size of tire we needed. So, we drove home and prayed that the tire wouldn’t explode. Ok, I did.. irrational fears… or maybe rational. The Walmart in our town also didn’t have our size of tire. UGH. It was still nice to have a date alone with my husband, even if it was a little stressful. haha!

Sunday, we drove the van another 30 minutes to church. Scott taught Sunday School and I had rehearsal. After Scott was done teaching, he left to get the tire looked at. Thankfully, someone let us know that Sam’s club will plug a tire for free if you are a member. They fixed the tire for us and it didn’t cost us a penny. We were feeling so frustrated that we were going to have such a big expense right before Christmas, and God provided.

The Christmas cantata was beautiful. I woke up on Sunday morning with my throat feeling dry and scratchy; not ideal when you are about to sing. I made some hot lemon ginger tea and drank as much as I could before singing. I am so thankful that my voice held out. It started to go as soon as church was over, and I felt really drained. I had been taking an antibiotic, and it took everything out of me. It didn’t do a thing for the sinus junk– and it made me completely miserable. I finished the 10 days, and am still trying to get back to normal. I crawled into bed after church and stayed there until dinner. I got our homeschool week all planned and set up, and then got back in bed.

You can tell Christmas is near. The kids are in a flurry of excitement. We have a Christmas countdown going, and they squeal with delight when they talk about it. The book Finding Christmas is such a beautiful book, and a great reminder for young and old alike to remember the spirit of the season is giving and not receiving. This is one that I want to add to our collection!

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