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Amazon Favorites- Baby Edition

Amazon Baby Faves

Here are my favorite Amazon baby purchases. These are all things I actually have ordered from Amazon and LOVED. I’m out of the baby phase now, but I still remember the things that helped make my life easier. Especially since I didn’t have to leave my house with a baby to get them.

Cloth Diapers // This was the brand I had the most of. They are affordable and work well. Honestly, my favorite was for sure the BumGenius, but the Alvababy are much more wallet friendly at half the price. I had a couple of BumGenius, but at least ten Alvababy.

Teether // These are the best. I love the size and shape. They are so good.

Balm! Baby // This is the greatest chest rub. It works so well, and doesn’t have all of the yucky ingredients. It’s also in a glass jar, so once it’s empty you can repurpose it! Or, you can choose the stick version and be mess free!

Sound Machine // This has a lot of sound options to choose from and also projects three different themes of pictures on the ceiling. It looks really cute, too. Love, love it.

Humidifier // This humidifier is THE BEST. If you read the reviews, you see people complaining that it soaks everything around it. You have to adjust the output. Don’t put it on full blast. If we need that much moisture in the air, then I put towels around it just to be safe. You will want (sometimes NEED) one in the winter months especially.

Stroller // If you haven’t heard me rave about this stroller, you probably are new around here. I had other strollers with my older kids, but never loved them. The Baby Jogger glides so smoothly. It turns on a dime, looks sleek, and is just all around great. I still use it for my four year old!

Stroller hooks // I love these for hanging my diaper bag from the stroller. You can also attach them to your shopping cart so your bag doesn’t take up even more space. They are wonderful and easy to use.

Swaddle blankets // These are my favorite baby blankets. They are huge, light weight, but don’t take up tons of space. They are so soft and breathable. There are loads of prints and patters available to choose from.

Tula // I loved this carrier. It was comfortable for baby and myself. Tulas come in tons of fun colors and prints.


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Favorite Amazon Home Purchases

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love shopping through Amazon. I can keep track of items that I love and watch for the price to drop. If you haven’t joined my Deals & Steals group on Facebook, you can hop over. I share the good deals that I find each day, or just fun items. I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite purchases from Amazon and share them with you.

I’ll be breaking this up into different parts. Home, kids, baby, food, etc. Like I said, I really love Amazon. And for a family with only one car and a lot going on, I know that many times the two day shipping will get here faster than I can make it to the store.

Favorite Amazon Home Purchases

This post is not sponsored, but the links may be affiliate links. That means that should you purchase something through a link, I would receive a small commission. Your price does not change at all, but it helps me to contribute to our family in a fun way. Thank you for supporting me. 

glass foaming soap dispenser – I use this to hold my Thieves foaming hand soap. You can fill it up with any foaming soap. Did you know you save lots of money by purchasing the bigger refill bottles of soap instead of tons of individual soaps? Plus, you are reducing waste so it is a win-win. Plus, the bottle is so pretty and comes in may different colors and finishes.

Crane Drop Humidifier– The BEST humidifier ever. I recommend them to everyone. They come in tons of colors and look really cute sitting out. It is obviously not necessary for your humidifier to be cute, but it is a nice perk when it is out all winter long.  It is filterless, so you don’t spend money on replacement filters over and over again! I could write a song about my love for this..

Label Maker– I really love labeling things. Organization makes my heart happy. I bought this 3 1/2 years ago and still love it.

Crock Pot– I love this crock pot. I use it at least once a week– it prevents us from eating out on Sundays. There are so many settings, and I love that you can set it to cook your meat to a certain temperature.

Quilt– This quilt is simple and soft. I keep it at the foot of the bed to give extra warmth on cool nights.

Kitchen Towels– These towels are great if you are looking for something cheap. They are often on sale and less than $1 per towel. When they arrived, they were kind of stiff and not absorbent at all. Once they were washed, they shrunk, softened up and work really well. They are still a good size even after shrinking.

Dishwashing detergent– This detergent works so well and is free of a lot of chemicals and junk that I don’t want on my dishes. This is the only brand I buy anymore.

Manual Sweeper– I love this! It’s so handy for when I don’t want to lug the big vacuum out and just have a small mess to clean up.

Pillow Shams– You can get the best pillow shams from Amazon!! I love shams because they are an affordable way to change up your decor. Just don’t forget to buy some inserts!




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Fall Favorites


Fall Favorites

\\ Hello Pumpkin Mug // blanket scarf // knit throw // slippers // nail polish //

twinkle lights // buffalo check rug // wreath // Pumpkin spice coffee // knit pillow //

socks // pumpkin //


I know, I know. Someone will say it’s too early for fall. Get that negativity out of here. You have to shop in advance, right? Preparedness is key. I love all things cozy in the fall. There are so many warm colors and cozy textures. I just love it all.

Today feels like the perfect day to share these favorites. My windows are open. There is a cool breeze blowing through. My kids are sitting quietly at the table doing school work. I’m drinking a cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Scott brought me a gift for the first day of school…  pumpkin spice coffee creamer. He speaks my language and I love him for it.

So, lets dive in. I love twinkle lights. I don’t really burn candles anymore because they are full of toxins. (I saw you roll your eyes.) I miss the cozy light though, so twinkle lights take their place. You can put them just about anywhere to get the cozy light. Wrap them around a wreath. Put them inside of a wicker pumpkin. Put them inside of a pretty glass vase. I also put Thieves oil or any other spice oil (clove, nutmeg, cinnamon) in the diffuser to get that wonderful scent.

Cozy slippers, socks, blankets, and pillows are also key for fall. Big chunky scarfs are a great way to layer some warmth without adding too much. Some people really struggle with blanket scarfs, so any cozy scarf will do. I also really love the buffalo check rug. You can layer your normal welcome mat over the top and it is so pretty. I want one in every room.

I also love a good fall mug and pretty nail polish. I can’t wait to have some real pumpkins decorating our house as well. We try to save those for closer to the actual season of fall though.

What are some of your favorite fall items or activities? Is it too early to even think about fall for you?


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Be Kind to Companies


I took a poor quality photo to share something with you. These items were all free. If you notice, they are organic, gluten free, natural foods. For. Free.

The Solera fruit bars were a coupon that Kroger offered. Brazi Bites had a free coupon that you could register. These GF bread balls are seriously so good, and I genuinely love them. I’ve had them before. Yum. (Check out to find free products and samples) The other products were all free from me reaching out to companies that I LOVE and telling them so.

Something that I learned a few years ago was that if you e-mail companies, they typically will send you coupons. Here’s the thing though. I don’t believe in e-mailing every company claiming that you like them just to get coupons. That’s dishonest and wrong. I only e-mail the brands that my family uses and loves a lot. If there is a product out there that I want to try, I’ll e-mail the company and be truthful. I tell them that I haven’t tried their product, but would like to. Then, I ask if they ever offer any coupons. Most of the time, they will e-mail a coupon back to you.

I don’t know if every company sends everyone the same things, so don’t be upset with me (or them) if you get anything different. Maybe I just have a way with words. HA! (kidding)

HappyFamily is the brand that sent me coupons for the free pouches and snacks. Harper is obsessed with applesauce pouches. I still like to buy the baby food pouches for her because I know she will get more variety of nutrients– just in case anyone wondered why I got baby food. She wouldn’t quit stealing them while I was trying to get a picture, so this is what I got.

I love Perfect Bar. They are REAL FOOD bars that you keep in the fridge. They have tons of protein and nutrients, and I like to eat them for breakfast. I asked them if they would like to partner up, and I would share their brand on my social media. They sent me a couple of free bar coupons, and I shared that I was eating them for breakfast on my Instagram stories. I had shared that I was eating them for breakfast before that, so it wasn’t really abnormal for me. haha!

Hellmann’s mayonnaise is my jam. I love mayo. They sent me THREE free product coupons when I raved about how much I love them. And, if you know me, you know that I literally rave about mayo.

Silk and SoDelicious sent me three $1 off coupons each. These are great for us because of Harper’s dairy allergy, and are some of the brands we buy most often. They are under the parent company of WhiteWave Foods, so if there are any other brands of their you like, I imagine you’d get something similar from each.

Daiya is a brand of vegan cheese, yogurt, macaroni, salad dressing, etc. This has been our go-to for Harper so that she can have the same food we are eating; just adjusted some. I contacted them quite a while ago, so I can’t exactly remember the coupons. I want to say that they sent a couple of $1 off coupons.

Back to Nature sent me a few $1 off coupons. They have lots of really yummy snacks and soups.

Annie’s homegrown is a brand that is ALWAYS in my house. Always. They respond with a link to where you can print coupons out on your own.

Now, my favorite. I LOVE International Delight coffee creamer. I know some people like black coffee. You do you. Me, I love some creamer. I e-mailed international delight when we were living with my parents. I don’t remember what I said to them. They sent me a few $1 off coupons. Then, a month or two later, a package showed up at my parents’ house. I was really confused because I hadn’t ordered anything. I opened it up, and they had sent me a coffee mug, earbuds, crochet coffee cups, a book full of inspirational and funny quotes, and a coupon for a free creamer. I’m not sure why, but it made my day. I felt really special.

Some companies will simply respond with a “thank you” and say that they will pass my kind words on to their team. Either way, I genuinely love the brands that I am reaching out to. If my words only solicit making them feel good, I am totally ok with that. It feels good to lift others up; even people that are a part of a big company.

I will be sure to update this if I get any more coupons. I encourage you to reach out to brands that you love and tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing. It feels really good to spread some sunshine.



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Spending Freeze Tips


It’s over!!!!! I’m so glad it’s over. haha! We obviously weren’t totally successful at freezing all spending, but we did pretty well all things considered.

I wanted to share some tips that helped us, or things that we would have done differently.

1. PLAN– I wrote down a skeleton meal plan for the month of February. I was able to make sure we had enough meat and beans for our protein for the month. I bought plenty of canned veggies and pasta, along with a lot of mac and cheese. Be sure to have a lot of the basics on hand. This was key for us, since most of our spending is for groceries.

2. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION– Last week, Addi spiked a fever. The next day, she laid around, said her neck hurt, and ran a fever. I thought for sure that we were about to wage war with the flu. I ran to the store and picked up more motrin, Oscillo, and the other usual sick family supplies. I was really, really relieved when her fever was gone the next day and no one else caught whatever virus she had. Had I said “no we are not spending anything”, I would have been incredibly overwhelmed with worry that my kids would be sick and miserable because I was stubborn.

3. DECIDE WHAT IS OFF LIMITS– By off limits, I mean what are you not willing to stop buying for the month? What is off limits to freeze spending on? I refuse to not have fresh produce in our house. We allowed ourselves to go to the store once a week to restock on produce, milk, and bread. This helped us be successful in the long run. It was challenging to not pick up other things, but it’s a good test in self control. We also needed to get the girls’ eyes examined again, and did that during February.

4. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY– You don’t want to be in the middle of a spending freeze and have someone invite you out to lunch. The temptation to say yes will be too much, and you’ll end up spending money.

5. DON’T DO A FULL MONTH–  haha! I know I said that it would probably be fine, since February was a short month. But, it was really hard. A month is a long time. The chances of one of your kids getting sick is higher. Some kind of car emergency could come up. There’s a lot that can happen in a month. So, I recommend doing just one or two weeks. You’d be amazed at how much you still save.


Would we do it again? I think yes. I don’t think we would do a full month again, but I definitely would do a one or two week freeze again. It is fun to be challenged.

I am very glad it is over though. I would see really good sales at the store and feel bummed because I couldn’t take advantage of them. There was a one day only sale on cereal this past Saturday, and I bought some. My husband and kids are obsessed with cereal, and I was not about to pass up 99 cent boxes of cereal. #NoRegrets

Would you ever consider a spending freeze? What are your favorite ways to save money? If you have any questions about a spending freeze that I haven’t answered, please let me know!

Also, don’t forget about the giveaway! You can still enter if you haven’t already.


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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday


Lego sets up to 30% off

Instant Pot (I’d love to hear what you think if you have one.)

Kindle Fire 7 ONLY $29.99

Kids Kindle Fire  We are buying these headphones

Edifier Headphones (fit kids and adults)

Crazy Vitamix Sale

Nursery Items Sale

TOOLS— the easiest husband gift

Lightning deal on building discs (will run out soon)

Really great deals on Hasbro GAMES and toys

Apple Macbook

Melissa & Doug train set

Micro Mini Scooter

Cars track set

Interlocking builder blocks




Gathre mats 15% off and free shipping            Code: MONDAY

Free shipping on Nickel and Suede

Lily Jade on sale

Tubby Todd 15% off  SOO good for eczema

CUTEST mugs by Rachel Allene 30% off with code CYBER30

June and January


I’ll add more to the list throughout the day if I find more deals.









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Best Online Sales


Today is Black Friday. I went out shopping with my mom bright (dark) and early this morning. We found some really awesome deals, that are only available in stores. I have found some fun deals online though, so if you are looking for gift ideas, click away. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is always so much better.

LILY JADE! I think I have declared my love for Lily Jade several times. EVERY bag is on sale. They have some new colors that are available for preorder at the sale price. Goodness, that magnolia green is stunning. Their essentials cases are also only $29. All genuine leather with a smooth red lining inside. These are so amazing and hold a ton. I have the square case in camel and love it. It holds a ton and can even be used as a small clutch for date nights.

Madewell is 25% off, and Nordstrom is price matching. Their items are typically really expensive, but their earrings are super cute and not terribly outrageously priced. I love the simplicity of these tassel drop earrings. These delicate bar & chain earrings are also really fun and simple.

This bra is also my favorite. I have never paid full price for it. Ever. I have found that $20 bras from Target are just really uncomfortable. This one is pretty and so comfortable. It does run small, so size up.  It’s also on Amazon for cheaper in certain combinations.

Tubby Todd is our favorite bath product brand for the kids. It’s so great for the eczema and free from all of the junk you really don’t want to put on your skin. Use the code TUBBYMAMAS2017 for 20% off through midnight.

The kids kindle fire is still less than $70 right now.  We are pairing them with these headphones, which feel really well made.

We got this Melissa & Doug table for Harper two years ago and it is still perfect. WE LOVE IT!! There are a lot of Melissa & Doug deals on amazon today, so check them out!

My FAVORITE hand sanitizer is buy one get one free!! Thieves waterless sanitizer is the bomb and smells like peppermint. 15% off 15mL Tea Tree and Lavender. 15% off 5 mL of sacred sandalwood. 15% off Savvy Minerals line. It’s such a good sale. And, if you want to sign up and get your premium starter kit to receive even more discounts, shoot me an e-mail and I’d be happy to help!

Nickel and Suede will be having their sale tomorrow for Small Business Saturday.


What are your favorite deals right now?