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Weekend Recap

This weekend was so full and fun. I love weekends like that. We had summer weather, which is kind of annoying when it’s OCTOBER, but we wouldn’t let that stop us.


Friday, we had plans to go to Lincoln’s New Salem for their candlelight festival. I invited my mom and dad to join us for the evening, and was so happy that they were able to come with us. We met them for dinner before the event. We made it into town a little before them, so we took the girls to see Abraham Lincoln’s home. Their minds were blown to see this incredible piece of history.

At New Salem, they had all of the cabins open and illuminated with candles. They had a militia camp set up as well as a few other camps so that you could see what live was like in the 1800s. It was SO crowded. I overhead others saying that they had never seen that many people come to the event. We were determined to make it to the tavern for gingerbread and apple cider. Naturally, we headed that way first to get our snacks. We needed fuel for the night, you know?


We only made it into a few of the cabins before the kids were tired of the crowds and long lines; also a little scared of the darkness. It was past their bedtime, so we expected it to happen at some point. While we were walking, my dad was telling me stories about my grandpa building a cabin with his bare hands. I want to soak in all of the stories about my parents and grandparents. How much history has been lost by people not sharing the stories or remembering the stories?


Saturday, I had signed my mom and I up for a craft at the library. Scott ended up having to work, and I thought I was going to miss out. My dad saved the day by offering to watch all three kids for me so that I could go! It basically thrilled the three of them to spend a couple of hours with their papa. They talked about how fun it was the entire day. My younger sister and her family got into town in the evening. I popped into my parents’ house to say hi to them and hug them all.


Sunday started off as it always does- with our church family. We were running a few minutes late, but were still going to make it. Then, we got stopped a train. Then, the train stopped. That is pretty typical for this town, and everyone hates it. After church and lunch, we met up with my mom and younger sister’s family at the apple orchard. IMG_9541

I love this orchard so much. If you live anywhere nearby, you should definitely visit. They have delicious cider slushes, donuts, and all kinds of goodies. The people who work there are some of the nicest.


They have a playground, hay bale tunnels, and even a toddler playground that is all free for you to enjoy. They don’t charge you for every activity, which is so common with some of the big-name orchards.


I also got to hug a friend of mine that I’ve really only met in person once, which was a big cherry on top of a great weekend.

I love fun weekends where you get to spend time with the people you love and do all of the fun fall things. I’m holding on until later this week when the weather will actually feel like fall again. The schools are out today, but we are still working away. Instead of taking today off and staying in the house because of the heat, we will take another day off later this week when we can walk to the park and play!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend also, and that you enjoy your Columbus Day!

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Our Weekend in Pictures

Alternate title: Our Sunday in pictures.

Saturday, Scott and his brother left at 3 AM to go to Michigan to watch the football game in Ann Arbor. This left the girls and I solo all day. I invited my parents over for breakfast. I made biscuits and burnt scrambled eggs (lucky them) and my dad made bacon and gravy. It was so much fun having them over. We played a couple games of clue before they headed back home. Then, we loaded up and went to Target to walk around and get out of the house. I typically spend 6 days a week without a vehicle and trapped at home, so when I have it I am GONE. When we got home, I spent HOURS helping the big girls clean their room. Seriously, no one is allowed to bring any toys into this house unless they are a birthday or Christmas gift. I’m sick of spending hours with the junk my kids accumulate. Anyone else? That was our Saturday, and I didn’t take any pictures.

Sunday, we got up and went to church. I love my church family. I am so thankful that God brought us here to be with these people during this time in our lives.

The place that my mom works for throws a big family picnic each year. It was originally scheduled for Saturday, but the heavens opened up and INCHES of rain fell. It obviously was rescheduled. As soon as church was over, we headed home to change and go to the picnic. Unlimited fair food. Heck yes! Bounce houses for the kids to wear themselves out in were available. There were so many crafts and games. The girls got more than one pony ride.



I asked Chloe if she wanted to go play BINGO with me. She came so close to winning, but neither of us did.

Glitter tattoos and face paint may have been the favorite part. For some reason, Addi always gets super nervous and never wants to have it done. I don’t push it, so that’s why you don’t see her in these. Gah! They are so cute!! We spent ALL DAY here playing and having fun.


I love days like this. They had a fireworks show once it got dark, and of course everyone loved that.


I hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well. Now, it’s back to the grind.

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Thirty and Flirty and Thriving

It’s official. I’m thirty; plus a few days.

My  niece stayed with me for a few days last week. Her family traveled for a funeral, and she stayed behind so that she could do show choir try outs. It was so much fun having her here and getting to know her more. Because I was taking her to school, I had our van. Having the vehicle meant that I got to go to Starbucks to get my birthday drink! The angels were singing.


If you are ever wondering what my favorite coffee beverage is, that’s it. An iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot. I ALWAYS get an extra shot of espresso when it is free.

I also woke up with a tiny box next to me. I text Scott asking him if I was supposed to open it, or if he was just being mean and torturing me. ha! He told me to open it.


Let’s just ignore that my skin looks like a desert and my mirror scar keeps getting bigger. He got me a hammered rose gold ring from Little Sycamore— something I’ve wanted for a long time. I love her shop, and Kelsey is just the sweetest person. I’m a huge fan of supporting mom-owned businesses. Werk. He said that he meant to get silver to match my set. I love rose gold right now, and think it is fun to add something different.

Scott made an incredible raspberry “cheesecake’ that is completely AIP compliant. He even decorated it. Seriously, it’s so good! Eating REAL food doesn’t have to be gross. It is from this cookbook, which I highly recommend. Even if you aren’t eating this way, the recipes are all super delicious! He also grilled burgers and hot dogs and made a chocolate cake. It was really nice to spend my birthday celebrating.

I had been begging Scott since last year to just ignore my birthday. Everyone stayed well. Disaster didn’t strike. And, I wasn’t in the hospital, so it was all good.

After a busy week full of appointments and running from point A to B, I’m ready for this week of slow.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. To those of you who are mothers– whatever that may look like for you– I hope that you had the best day possible.




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May 8th brings a lot of memories. First, it is my high school BFFs birthday! I love remembering her on that special day. Harper and Meredith share the same middle name. Without Meredith, I would have never met my husband. Without Meredith, I wouldn’t have so many amazing and fun memories from Jr. High and High School. After all of these years, and all of these miles, we still pick up where we left off when we do get together. It is not lost on me how wonderful a friendship like this is. It’s rare. It’s a blessing.

May 8th also brings memories because May 8, 2014 forever changed my life. It started off pretty normal. Our basement was under construction. I was 30 weeks pregnant with Harper. Harper’s room was being created. We were nearing the end of the road. The walls were up. The bathroom was nearing completion. I took the girls outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.


I remember that it was really warm. Scott came home and said he was going to mow. We had a pretty large “yard” since we were on the church property. I was standing down in the grass next to the kiddie slide. Addison was playing on it. I started to feel weird. This happened a lot for me. I just kept breathing through it like I always did. Usually it passed. Occasionally, I reached the point where I felt like I was going to die and would beg God to not take me yet. I really can’t explain the feeling and I know it sounds crazy. My ears would ring. My everything would start to go black. I would feel hot. This time, I didn’t come out of it. The last thing I remember thinking was “God, please. Please help me.” and feeling completely terrified.

The next thing I know, a stranger was in my face. He was asking me if I knew where I was. I kept nodding. He said “Where are you?” and I stared blankly at him. I looked to the side of his face and saw my husband. He looked concerned, but didn’t say a word. Once again, “Do you know where you are?” Yes. “Where are you?” Blank stare. I think he finally asked me if I knew my name, and I told him that I was Ashley.

The next memory I have is being lifted onto a gurney. I was wheeled in between our house and the neighbors house. I saw my little girls playing soccer with the Pastor’s son. They put me into an ambulance. I heard Scott say, “It’s gonna be ok, Ashley.” I had no idea WHAT was going to be ok. My response was “Call my parents.” (what?) They start driving away with me in the back. I tell the paramedic that no one can ever get the veins in my arm, so I ended up with an IV jammed into my hand. Suddenly, it hits me that I am in an ambulance being taken away from my family. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!?!  “Well, it seems like you may have had a seizure.” Oh, ok. Carry on. “Do you feel the baby moving?” Harper gave me a good thump as the feeling of panic started rising. “Yes.”

It amazes me how little I remembered or cared those first days. I would go from completely carefree, to afraid, to confused, to carefree again. I think the Lord really gave me a blessing in that. Had I realized that what had just happened could have killed Harper or myself, or that my two kids could have been left playing in our yard near the parking lot while their mother lay unconscious, I would have been terrified. Had Scott not just happened to be at home at that time, everything could have ended differently. God’s hand was in it all. It’s impossible to ignore that.

May 9th was the day that all of the news was finally delivered. May 8th was full of a lot of tests. They weren’t sure that it was a seizure, since I didn’t have any known history. EVERYTHING was tested. As the tests results started rolling in, we started getting some answers. My ECHO revealed that I had a patent foramen ovale, which is just a fancy way of saying that there is a hole in between the upper chambers of my heart. There was also an aneurysm there, too. One side was bulging, but it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Just good to be aware of.

The EEG revealed that I did have an epileptic seizure. All of those “spells” that I had been having over the years were partial seizures– auras. It is scary how many times I was DRIVING while those happened. Once, when Chloe was a baby, I had one while she was in the bathtub. I pulled the stopper so that she wouldn’t drown if I actually passed out.

Because of the results of the EEG, I was no longer allowed to drive for at least 6 months (which turned into 9). I had to have non-stress tests done twice a week and see my OB every week. I had to follow up with a cardiologist and neurologist. I had to start taking two huge pills two times a day, every day, for the rest of my life.

It is just amazing how one day can change the rest of your life. One morning, I was in a normal pregnancy feeling exhausted and ready to meet my baby. The next, I am told that I have a disease with no cure.

Here I am FOUR years later. I haven’t had any problems. That day really rocked my world, and I still feel the effects of it. When I get dizzy, I start to feel panicked. Now that I know what can come from those spells, it is scary. But, I am so incredibly thankful. I am here. Harper is here and healthy. So many people with epilepsy never get the chance to even drive. Many people die from epilepsy, or SUDEP. Every day is a gift. Never take it for granted.


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A Hodge Podge

Happy Monday.

I feel like an ultimate failure today. I usually go all out for holidays. St. Patrick’s day is usually full of green milk and green pancakes.. all of the green. I don’t do the leprechaun version of elf on a shelf. I don’t get that.. St. Patty’s day was always just fun green stuff.. not pinterest worthy things. Stop the madness.  I did none of those things. In fact, I’m the only one who put on green– last minute.


Easter is soon. I need to drag out our decorations and get on it. Valentine’s was also a bust, so I have a lot to make up for. I still can’t decide what to put in the girls’ baskets. Part of the problem is that they are overwhelmed with stuff. We literally took almost every toy out of their bedroom, except their dolls and dollhouses, because they would not clean up. It’s been over a week, and they haven’t missed any of it. I did get sidewalk chalk for their baskets. Have you seen these? Amazon’s deal of the day is Crayola items, so go check them out!

I purchased next year’s curriculum. The girls are enrolled in Abeka for another year, and I’m actually excited. Addi will be in first grade, and Chloe will be in 3rd. We decided to do the video lessons, which will take A LOT of pressure off of me. Our start date is August 13th. I am just praying that life will stay settled down for a while. Our school year didn’t go as planned AT ALL this year between moving, losing a loved one, and illness all at once. It put us way behind, and has left me feeling completely frazzled ever since.

My sister created a facebook page for her earrings. Go give her page a like to see all of the awesome new products that she is launching. I am wearing the rose gold metallic earrings today. Pictures don’t do them justice.

We are in the process of rearranging our house. Again. We are going to be moving our bedroom into the basement, and moving the school room upstairs. This way, there will be more natural light. The biggest reason is that I can check on Harper much easier. She has been leaving the water running, climbing on EVERYTHING, and finding things to color on the walls with. It’s been stressful. For the past month, our homeschool room has gone unused while we have school books and papers spread all over the dining room.I am painting downstairs, which we’ve been needing to do since we moved in. Next week, we’ll move the furniture around. I’m pretty excited about it. Being in a cold basement at night just means I get to snuggle up close to my husband..and put my freezing feet on him. It will be nice to have everything on one level, except out bedroom. We aren’t ever in there anyway.

We are gearing up for a weekend away soon. I seriously cannot wait. Every time the kids are going bananas, which is often, I count down the days. I can make it. We have never had a getaway since having kids. Really, we haven’t been away since starting ministry in 2009. Bless my mother-in-law for being brave enough to watch the girls for three days. Also, pray for her and bring her diet Coke.

There you have it– the hodge podge of things going on in our lives. I hope that you don’t have a toddler stealing your coffee this morning.


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Happy Monday!!

Scott had to work this weekend. I was really bummed because there were several fun activities going on around town on Saturday. When he works, I am without a car unless I want to wake our kids at 4 AM. Uh, nah. My brother-in-law was awesome and brought his truck over for Scott to borrow so I could have our car.

I was so excited to be able to get out of the house. Then, Friday night came. I laid down in bed and I heard it. The bark. Just one. I let it go and laid down. I have insomnia, so I toss and turn FOREVER. After an hour or so, Harper started crying and “barking” a ton. I jumped up and threw my robe on. I turned the shower on as high as it goes and rushed into her room to bundle blankets around her. Outside into the cold air I went. No slippers or socks, in my bath robe. Thank goodness it was dark. I stood outside with her for about 10 minutes while she laid her head on my chest. Then, I took her into the bathroom so she could breathe in the steam. I put some eucalyptus rub on her, filled her diffuser with some RC and a little eucalyptus, and put her bag in bed. She  was really restless and took a long time to get back to sleep. She was up and down all night. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep total. I wanted to cry.

If you don’t know what bark I am talking about, I’ll tell you. When kids get croup, their cough comes out like a seal barking. Their airways are constricted, so air coming out sounds super weird. Harper got bronchitis when she was three months old. We had to do steroids and breathing treatments. It was awful. They warned me that she was going to be susceptible to lung infections since she got that at such a young age. Thankfully, the only problem is that she gets croup frequently. I know how to treat it, and I know when I need to get her to a doctor or the ER. Only once have I told Scott we needed to call an ambulance. We lived close to the hospital and it was faster for him to drive. Most of the time, I’m able to treat it at home, and she only struggles for one night. No matter how many times you have been through it, it’s a terrifying sound.. hearing your child struggle to breathe.

I always think of the parents of medically fragile babies. That is their every day.

Anyway, I knew we shouldn’t go traipsing all over town. Harper was running a slight fever on Saturday morning. I decided that I would go for coffee, we could grab lunch and sit in the car by the lake and eat it.


Our Starbucks drive-thru is ridiculously busy every time. This was after 10 minutes of waiting..

I took the girls to the little park where Scott proposed to me. We rolled the windows down while I finished my lunch. The big girls inhaled theirs on the way, and Harper didn’t have any appetite.

I decided that since no one else was there, we would get out of the car and I would take them over the hill to see where Scott asked me to marry him. They are at an age where they love hearing these stories. I hope they remember them.


Even though we didn’t play much, it was still really nice to get some fresh air and sunshine.


I have been wanting to get my hair chopped for quite a while. I have been letting the platinum grow out for quite a while, and it was looking pretty trashy. I sent a message to a friend that cuts hair and asked what her schedule was like at the salon. She said she had some time that day! What?! She squeezed me in after Scott got off. I was able to donate my hair, and I feel so much lighter. My head doesn’t hurt. Ahh. I love a fresh cut.


That is the best picture you are getting. My skin is stressed out; adult acne is the worst. I have huge bags under my eyes. I’m working on self-love, y’all. But, I’ve self-hated for so long that its a hard thing to overcome.

Harper slept really well on Saturday night. Scott went to morning service with the big girls at church. We did some yard work while it was warm out, which was really nice. We are working on removing a lot of the rock from our back yard. It is in random places, and gets drug all over the place. When we pull that out, we’ll put some now soil down and put grass seed out. I need to go out and take some “before” pictures. After a few hours of working outside, I went to choir practice and evening service. It’s nice that we can take turns right now when a kid is sick instead of me always having to be the one home.

Unfortunately, Harper had a rough night again last night. It wasn’t as awful as Friday night. We actually got some sleep. I’m hoping it will be over soon. She’s not grumpy at least, but it’s really hard to hear your kid struggling so much at night. Croup is the pits.

I hope your weekend was full of love and family.


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My Big, Scary Dream


While reading Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel challenged everyone to stop reading and write down a big, scary dream. I paused and started thinking. I felt like I should write down what a typical big dream would be. Should I want my blog to make me a six figure income? Should I want to become insta-famous? I know. I want to own a huge house and perfect cars. Those are all normal dreams for people my age, right?

Obviously, I would love for this blog to make an income. But, I don’t care about a six figure income.. I just want to contribute to my family while homeschooling. So, I started thinking about what my dream really is.

Then, it smacked me in the face.

I want to own a homestead. Not your typical dream life in 2018, but it is mine. It’s been mine for a while.

This is something that I’ve been studying about for quite some time. I have read books and pinned all of the pins on pinterest. I have subscribed to Youtube channels. I’ve been soaking in all of the knowledge that I can in my “free” time.

Will this big dream come true? I don’t know. Scott and I are on the same page that we would love to make it happen one day down the road. We would both love for our girls to grow up knowing the value of hard work. We’d love to go pick food for our dinner. Our real dream with a homestead is to be able to live a sustainable life where we don’t rely on a store nearly as much. We would know how our food is grown.

My parents owned 30 acres of land in Illinois for several years. When we first visited after they bought it, I thought “what on earth where they thinking?” Everything was so overgrown. The grass and weeds were up to my knees everywhere we went. But, I watched as it slowly became a beautiful piece of land. Just mowing the grass instantly transformed it. It was so beautiful that Scott and I ended up getting married there. It was peaceful out there. My mom and dad worked their rear ends off every weekend. It was really incredible to witness this overgrown place get transformed into a beautiful retreat. My mom had a garden. I loved it. Maybe that is where the little seed of my dream was planted.


The definition of a homestead in the community is always different. Some say that you are only a homesteader if you live on land that you farm and are completely self sufficient. Others say that as long as you are making an EFFORT to be sustainable and live off of what you can grow or make, then you are a homemaker. I don’t know which is right.

What I do know is that we are going to plant a garden this year. We have a good sized yard, and are going to plant herbs, fruits, and vegetables that we frequently use. When I did container gardening last year, it was pretty successful. The herbs grew like crazy. I couldn’t use them fast enough, it seemed. Our plants moved with us from Oklahoma to Illinois. I think the move was a little hard on them, because they stopped growing as well. Maybe the shift in climate wasn’t good for them. Either way, I learned that my thumb is not completely black. I ordered some seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. This is why I chose them. There are more plants I hope to grow, so I’ll be checking out some of the other seed brands that Shaye Elliott recommended.

I am going to continue learning. I’m going to work with what I have, and “homestead” the best I can in suburbia.

I’ll continue making fresh bread from scratch. I’ll continue working on perfecting my sewing.. or at least making it acceptable. HAHA! I learned to crochet a few years ago and have been working on an infinity scarf. I want to learn the crafts that were just common knowledge in the past. Hopefully our garden will grow.

Our lives are so up the air. We are unsettled. We know that where we are is not where we will stay. Ministry has absolutely not been pulled off the table. This dream could be something silly on my heart that will never come to fruition. But, it is a dream that could easily go hand-in-hand with ministry one day.

Thanks for letting me share this dream of mine. I think we don’t always allow ourselves to have dreams.. though this really feels like a GOAL of ours more than a dream.


I’ll share some resources below and try to remember to update this list as I find more.


The Elliott Homestead   (this is my favorite book so far. She had a dream like me, and it has come true.)

The Backyard Homestead

The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner


Youtube Channels and Videos:

The Elliott Homestead Youtube channel

WildRoots Homestead Youtube Channel   (They have a vegan homestead!)

Time-lapse of building a homestead!   Super cool!



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Happy 2017!!

I don’t have any fun New Year’s pictures to share. I took an Ambien and was in bed by 9. Party animal. Scott did wake me up for our traditional smooch after midnight, but I was out again right away.

Sunday, we woke up to head to our pancake breakfast at church. When we arrived at the church, the colors of the sunrise were still present. It was so beautiful. The pond was smooth and at rest. The reflection was amazing. It was really breath taking. It was such a reminder to slow down and praise the Lord for all that He does.

I have been asking God to reveal my “theme” word to me for this new year. I was starting to wonder if I would ever figure it out. Finally..


Maybe that sounds strange. Do you ever just coast through your days? You are there, but not really there. Not fully enjoying the small moments, or even the big ones. So often, I am just waiting until the next thing and missing out on so much. I want to live life fully awake! There are so many wonderful things in this life if we just look around and see them.

My husband deserves a wife who is living life fully awake. My children deserve a mother who is 100% committed and there. The last couple of years have truly taken a toll on me- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through many trials and more diagnosis’ than I can count, I feel like I have “checked out” in a lot of ways. I am just trying to make it through until bed time most days.

I refuse to live life that way anymore.

There are so many blessings in life. My kids are healthy and happy. I have an incredible husband who is so far above anything that I deserve. God loves me in spite of who I am. He has provided above what we could imagine or deserve.

Aside from having the theme of “awake” this year, I will be making some lifestyle changes. I realize that there are people with SIGNIFICANTLY worse ailments than I have, so please do not think that I throw a pity party for myself or am trying to be ultra dramatic. I know it could be so much worse. However, my health issues have caused me to feel completely depleted of all energy. The past several days that Scott has had off, I have literally spent over 12 hours in bed each night and still get up feeling terrible. I know that my crummy diet has contributed significantly to that.

I will be giving up gluten and dairy for good. A lifestyle change, NOT a diet. I know that being GF is trendy (Why? I have no idea!!) but I know that cutting gluten out of my diet is absolutely necessary for me. I am thinking about giving up coffee for a month to see if I feel any different. (Bring on the Matcha Lattes)

In summary (snort) I will be living 2017 fully awake potentially without coffee. HAHA!!

Do you have any resolutions or goals this year? Or, do you have a theme that you are going to live by?  I would love to pray with and for you to attain your goals!



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An Assortment of Wintery-Things

*Groan* It is Monday already. I am pooped. We had meetings, dance class, Christmas parties, rehearsals, and recitals this past week/weekend. I’ve also been fighting off a miserable cold (along with the rest of my girls). Blah! Colds are dumb.


It was a fun full week. Chloe did such a great job at her dance recital!!! She tends to get really shy when she has to be in front of people. To be completely honest, I was really worried about her getting stage fright. But, she rocked it!!! During rehearsal she looked overwhelmed for the first few moves and then found her groove. Show time was no problem at all for her. I am so proud, and sat in my seat fighting back tears. I was a backstage mom, so the above picture is the only one I have of her. I don’t know that I will ever volunteer to be a backstage mom again, but we will see. haha!

We actually got some snow here the night of the rehearsal. I don’t think that we even got an inch, but it came down really thick and windy while we were driving. It got below freezing, and I wanted to hide under many blankets inside.

If any of you girl moms are in need of a winter coat this time of year, Old Navy has these for $12.94 right now. For you boy moms, these are the cheapest I see. (Toddler girls/Toddler boys) I discovered a huge hole in Addi’s winter coat, and discovered that a hole was forming in Chloe’s in the same spot. I guess the moral of the story is don’t ever buy Gymboree coats because they fall apart easily. They did wear them all last year, so it’s not a complete loss.

I am really enjoying winter in Oklahoma so far. The temperature has been well above freezing, and the sun actually shines. I usually get in a MAJOR winter funk every year. So far, I am not feeling that one bit. It is so great to not feel clouded by depression. I can put on a coat and hat and usually feel pretty good outside. Though, most days I haven’t even needed the coat. Allllllllllll the praise hands!

Another huge praise is that we have a GARAGE. Scott worked his tail off on Friday and Saturday to get the rest of our boxes put in the attic or emptied out so that we could park in there before the cold set in. He was able to pull the van in before the “heavy” snow started. That man works so hard and does so much. I am so incredibly thankful for him.

Yesterday, he had to take our entire toilet apart. The handle to our diaper sprayer fell into the bowl as it got flushed and down it went. It got stuck and was clogging the toilet. He told me that I should start a blog series “Adventures with my Husband”. He was able to get something shoved in the pipe and pushed it up juuuust enough for me to cram my hand as far as I could get it and grab it. Who knew there would be such a celebration over things like that. Married life, folks. It’s never dull.

Hopefully the rest of our “holiday week” will involve less toilets. Do you have anything fun planned? I haven’t really planned anything this week other than Chloe dancing at an assisted living facility and our Christmas Eve service at church. I think that sounds like the perfect week.

P.S. I am hosting an intro to essential oils class over on Facebook today, so if you are at all interested in learning about them please join.

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Catching Up

Hello, friends! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were able to spend time with my entire family for the first time in 6 years. It was crowded and chaotic, but oh so fun! I spent 12 hours in the car yesterday with Harper throwing up the entire way. All of the girls got it overnight and now all have high fevers. Please pray for them to get well.

We had a full week of “vacation”. I use that term loosely because with kids there is no such thing as vacation. It’s all work! haha! The first half of the week was pretty low-key. Tuesday, we went shopping for the last of the items needed for family photos. It basically ended up being an item for each girl. We went to Target where I drooled over Christmas decorations for as long as the girls let me. Then we went to the mall and my dad met us for lunch. (Look at the cute deer at Target!)


We hung out at my OLD.. I mean, older..sister’s house on Wednesday. We found out just how allergic Scott is to cats. Oops. It was a lot of fun to get to spend time with her catching up on life. We were so busy talking that the only pictures I really have are of her dog. HAHA! I brought her a coffee and she bought us pizza. It was pretty great team work.

We had our Thanksgiving on Friday since my younger sister was with her husband’s side of the family on Thursday. We did a lot of prep work on Thanksgiving Day. Chloe got to make merengue with my mom for a coconut cream pie (my dad’s request) and Harper got lots of Papa snuggles. He would probably disagree on the word “lots” being used, but for a two year old he got pretty lucky. haha!

Friday morning I went out for Black Friday with my mom and older sister. We ate a super delicious breakfast and Amy made coffee for me. I pulled an all-nighter and really needed it. We had our huge and delicious meal. I may have blacked out because I don’t really remember eating, but I remember it being GOOD. After everything was cleaned up we played Watch Ya Mouth and laughed (and drooled) a ton!!

On Saturday, the family all went to a Reindeer Ranch. We ate “lunch” there. We all agreed that it was more of a snack (an expensive snack) than a true lunch. Then, we got to go on a reindeer tour and feed them! Addison was too afraid to feed them, but Chloe jumped right in. Look how beautiful they are! Harper seemed to enjoy it as well. They had a playground for the kiddos to play on also, so they all had a blast.


We also helped my mom put up one of her Christmas trees. Once again, I’m not sure how much help our crazy crew was, but we tried. haha! Sunday was the usual- church, lunch, and re-packing all of our junk. The girls also got to open their presents from Mimi and Papa. Christmas is going to be SO fun this year!!!


Even though our car ride was pretty rough on Monday, I feel really blessed. My grandparents are in a nursing home that is just slightly off our path home. We were able to stop and visit them. I left Harper with Scott. I honestly thought she was just car sick, but kept her out to be safe. I feel terrible that everyone was harboring this bug. Hugging my grandma and grandpa is one of the best feelings. They are two incredible people who I love so dearly.


There is one more thing though! My best friend from High School was able to take some family pictures for us! We had initially planned on Wednesday, but it rained all day. It was a huge blessing (for us anyway) because we got them done on Friday. Our whole crew was together. So, we got our family photos, and then the rest of the family met us and we were able to take our first group shot in years. They turned out so beautifully!!! Meredith Michelle Photos has all of the credit for these beauties below:


They are so stunning. I could just stare all day. Thank you, Lord, for a week full of blessings and for whoever invented the washing machine.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get any good deals over the weekend?