Earth Day Fun


Earth Day is this Sunday. I know that it’s typically a holiday that gets overlooked. I like to make it a little bit special. I want to teach my girls to care for the planet that God has given us.

So far this week, everyone is sick. Addi was holding strong, but she is the sickest one today. If everyone is well, we will be going to a local conservation center for their Earth Day celebration. They are going to clean up the river, do tours, wagon rides, ponies, and canoeing. I will be so sad if everyone is still sick and we have to miss out.

If we are stuck at home, I think I will pick up some bird seed. We can make toilet paper roll bird feeders.

Some other fun activities we may try are:

Recycled paper.

Plant seed paper

Earth Day lap books

Earth sign

Earth paper plate


Probably the most exciting thing we plan to do this weekend is set up our garden space. We have to put up fencing to keep Rocci away from the garden. I picked up the supplies yesterday, so we can block off the space and start working the soil. Right now, I’m so run down from the stress of taking care of sick kids and all of the laundry and cleaning. I just want to lay in bed all weekend. ha!


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