Taking Inventory


I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m trying to shake this funk that I’m in today. I’ve had a rotten week, and I am so ready for the weekend. The weekend is really just a rushed Sunday because Scott works six days a week, which leaves me stranded at home all. the. time. I’ve been really uninspired and grumpy.

Making: I’m still trying to decide on pork chops or a chicken recipe from Against All Grain. Can I just order Chinese takeout instead?
Drinking: coffee. Always coffee. From the mug in the above picture because I love it and sing this song from October-December!
Reading: What Alice Forgot. Janssen never steers me wrong. (I also have My Lady Jane ready to read next after reading this post of hers!)
Wanting: A nice jacket. I scored an incredible deal on a j crew jacket. It was a dream. Then, I got an e-mail from them saying that they cancelled my order because they over sold it. I didn’t find out until the day after it was supposed to arrive! I’m so upset and back at square one.
Watching: I haven’t had time to watch much of anything lately. I always turn on Gilmore Girls while I fall asleep. I’ll never quit it.
Listening: Don’t judge me. Michael Buble’s Christmas album. I KNOW! I’m ashamed of me, too.
Wishing: I’m not even going to answer this.. my answer is too depressing and I don’t want to be in a funk!!
Enjoying: When Scott walks in the door. The girls all squeal and run to him yelling DADDY!!! and it is the sweetest ever.
Loving: The time I get with Scott after the kids finally fall asleep. It’s only a few minutes, but I cherish every second with him.
Hoping: I have been planning to make some fun “spider cookies” (from this cookbook). I hope today is the day we have time!
Needing: To bake the cake for Addi’s birthday this weekend and wrap her presents. She is so fun when she opens presents. Everything is so exciting to her. Unicorn birthday #2 is coming at you! (She also wanted a unicorn birthday last year.)
Wearing: These jeans. Target had a sale and certain jeans were only $15 a pair. They are stretchy and comfy. NO DISTRESSING and dark wash! I love them. I just want flare jeans to come back! (If you join my Deals & Steals group on facebook, I’ll be sure to share the next sale!)

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