Winter Wellness

Cold and Flu season is upon us. Holiday parties are coming where germs always abound. It’s the most stressful time of the year.. along with the most wonderful!

Usually, one of the kids will come home with the stomach bug; either from church or the store. We haven’t been to a holiday party in quite some time. I end up rushing to the store in a panic trying to get what we need. This year, I am determined to get a head start and not feel overwhelmed if/when sickness hits. I figured I’d share some things that I plan to stock up on to maintain our wellness this year.


  1.  Fruits and Veggies– a healthy diet is obviously really important in maintaining wellness. This is the launching point. If you do nothing else to stay well, DO THIS!
  2. Probiotics– I am thinking I will give these a try for the girls. The best probiotics are typically  in dark jars that you have to keep in the fridge. We have limited refrigerator space, so this is the next best thing. Yogurt is also really great, but you have to watch the sugar content.
  3. Multivitamin– I have these for the girls. Most kids vitamins are full of junk. These have no artificial flavors or colors, just check out the label. I bought a vitamin from Sprouts earlier this year for myself, and got these for Scott.
  4. ElderberryThis combined with my essential oil regimine kept strep from spreading to everyone else in my house earlier this year. Amazon has a $2 off coupon for Zarbees right now!
  5. Vitamin D– I have never given my kids a vitamin d supplement, but realize how important it is for all of us. Most people are lacking vitamin D, so this is a great supplement for everyone; especially in the winter when you aren’t getting as much (if any) sunlight.

You should definitely check out Bridget’s homeopathic travel wellness kit. I saved her post immediately and have snagged a few of the items that she recommends. I always forget to pack anything for possible illnesses, and then stress when someone starts sniffling. I would definitely pack a thermometer. (This one is the best!)

Is there anything else that you would add? I am determined to stay well this year. We are under less stress and not moving, so hopefully that will help a lot!


It is worth noting that I am certainly not a doctor, and you should check with your doctor before taking anything.

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